Friday, August 01, 2008

My Neighbourhood @ Karon Beach

Hey Hey, short post, check out my Phuket neighbourhood at Karon Beach.

That's me (after having fun in the beach nearby our "home") in the middle, the best picture I could find among my 1000++ pictures in Phuket Album which has the words 'Phuket Karon' (as a background)! Ya, fat in the picture, what to do, the best already :P

See the red signboard? That's our hostel! The 1st floor was where we stayed.

A Close-up one! :P

That's the most luxurious hotel in our neighbourhood!

The Papaya restaurant which is a few doors away from our hostel. The best Thai Cuisine we'd tried in our whole Phuket Trip!

Me and our Thai "tour guide".

Me at the Karon Oasis Tour Information Counter opposite our hostel. Well, should be tourist information I guess!

Eddie at the tourist information counter! Next to it is actually another guest house!

Eddie's best picture in our Phuket Album! haha~ Very Leng Chai and Macho, don't you think so?! *lol* Maybe he should change into Black Jacket and put on some torn jeans to add the feel! *lol* joking, I don't like that type of guys! Who would like Mat Rempit for God's sake!

Take another look, he's riding the PINK motorcycle (I chose) we loaned from the tourist information counter at 150 Bath per day (Original Price was 200 Bath, Eddie bargained and got 50 Bath cheaper! haha)!

Another hotel opposite our hostel, walk further up (right) is 'the one supermarket' where we get our necessities! :P

This was the restaurant, Karon Seafood where we had our first dinner at Phuket! Food not bad~

The street nearby.

The massage centre (Happiness Massage) in between Papaya restaurant and our hostel! We didn't visit there. We went to the one behind our hostel, the only massage centre we went in our trip for a total of 3 times! (I MISS my Thai Massage!!! OMG) Perhaps if we were to visit Happiness Massage, our trip would be HappIER?! (*wondering*)

The Taiwanese tourist riding her PINK motorcycle in front of Happiness Massage!

Okay, night view time, the street at the above picture!

The shop houses!

and a lot of Custom Tailor Shops!

and mostly managed by Bangladesh I supposed!

One Bangladesh to be exact! Yes, only one person operates the whole shop and they are actually the tailor themselves. They have one thing in common! They LOVE to sit outside their shops in a plastic chair and solicit for business!!

This was the tailor shop right next to my hostel. He offered to make a evening gown for me at 3000 Bath! Well, I didn't accept the offer though :( or else I would have another pretty gown, a tailor made one, to add in to my wardrobe at RM 300 only! You can't get the price in Malaysia!

See the reflection?! The bigger size one was Eddie and another one was me taking picture of the shop!! *lol*

Okay the end ~ bye bye ~ All the above pictures are for viewing pleasure :P Enjoy! Goodnight!


m.yin said... many pic~ how many more u not yet upload wo? haha

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey dear! hehe...I took about 1300++, I chose those pics randomly to upload in Facebook one...din upload all :)