Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taiwan food @ Restaurant Fong Lye, The Gardens

Fancy a Chinese food with Taiwanese recipe??

Then you must visit the Restaurant Fong Lye (feng2 lai2 cha2 fang2) at The Gardens Third Floor, opposite Flying Chillies.

To me, Restaurant Fong Lye is similar to Hong Kong style chain restaurants Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and Kim Gary, because the restaurant is always so packed and you need to queue for 15 minutes during dinner time before you get your seat.

Okay, time to check out the food!

The rose and oolong tea which comes in 2 cups at RM 12! Not bad! The teapot set is nice :P I still prefer the mixture of lavender and rose tea though! I'm a tea person, OMG I sound so old!! I love all type of tea, especially chinese tea :P

Strawberry and Vanilla Ice-cream with milk on top of Ice at RM 9.30! Not bad too!

This is the dish recommended in the menu, the so-called 3 variety supreme diced chicken at RM 19.80!! This is the set dish that comes with the same side dishes, a bowl of rice and a cup of soup as other set menu. The side dishes taste average, I like the long bean in particular! As to the main dish, OMG I hate it, they cook the chicken together with the hakka ho po vegetables (for lui cha, chinese hakka ho po traditional dish) and that makes the whole dish tastes exactly like the ho po vegetables! Rating: 3/10 because I didn't like it :P (Luckily I didn't order it, haha, it's Tracy's one and she was ok with the taste!)

Eddie's black pepper bean curb with mince chicken set at RM 17.80! Rating: 8/10 This is delicious even though it's not recommended by the chef in the menu :P See the 3 parts of the side dish? The one in the middle is actually the fried shrimp dumping! It tastes great! The sauces on the white rice add extra taste to it! Tastes good to me too! Vege soup, thumbs up!

My steamboat set at RM 29.80! Tastes average only! Rating: 5/10. They put the chilli sauce in a rice bowl!! haha maybe Taiwanese loves to eat lots of chilli.

Tracy and I in the restaurant, Eddie was the photographer.

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