Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The X'mas Gift of 2007 on Beijing 2008 Olympic

If you have read this, then I would like to tell you that I'm one of those lucky winners of the contest!! BRAVO!! Well, even though I'm one of the 600, I somehow feel different that day when I received the letter informing me that I was one of them!

Actually, I felt oh-I-am-so lucky when I received the letter and I felt excited it brighten my day a little when I received my gift in the view that I was feeling blue on that day!!

Feeling blue ?! or trying to be blue~

Have I mentioned that I collected the gift on the day Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was about to commence?! Well, so I guess I'll call it my Olympic gift to myself *_* (*joking*)

I've won myself a HOME's HARMONY hamper worth RM 207.90 which consist of a 100% cotton Genova Letto Queen Fitted Bedsheet Set with 300 thread count and a huggable X'mas pillow! Perhaps I could call it my Christlympic Gift *_*

Well of course they give you last season merchandise! Don't tell me you're expecting the latest edition ones (*lol*) Hehe, I'm quite excited also when I'm blogging about it now! Hahaha...although the beneficiary of the bedsheet is not me but Eddie because he's using Queen-sized bed and I'm using super single on the other hand!! but I've got my huggable pillow!!! (*so delighted when I'm thinking of it now again*) I use it in my office! Hehe!!

See the floral bedsheet? Don't really fancy it (I like those cartoon-like cute ones, Sailormoon maybe, hahaha)! Anyway it is quite comfy ok!! It is made of 300 thread count instead of the stardard 250 or 280 thread count, the ones that I usually buy because they are most affordable *_* (*embarrassed*)

See the silk embroidery comforter as well??? Eddie actually bought the whole King set at HOME'S HARMONY at RM 180 only (Of course I'm the one who chose the bedsheet set without doubt haha) before I went to collect my gift! Very good bargain!! Go and grab yourself one, they come in King and Queen sets, both cost only RM 180!! and I would like to repeat myself again, It's made of SILK and it's EMBROIDERY (even though only on the top side)!! Value for money!! Yeah, I'm very aunty-like at times! (*faint*)

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m.yin said...

haha..mg, gotta call u pretty Aunty Goh...LOL~~