Friday, September 12, 2008

Tracy's Birthday Celebration @ Alexis, Bangsar

It was Tracy's pre-birthday celebration and she insisted to have it in Alexis no matter where it was! So, we went to Bangsar Shopping Complex but unfortunately it was closed for renovation!! We then hopped to Tracy's Hyundei Accent, who came later than us to get to another Alexis branch at Bangsar Telawi Street. Alexis had the magical charm!

Pretty Tracy dear and her pressie from the girls.

Ok, people let's take a look of what we ordered!! as it was after all the charm of Alexis that attracted Tracy then us to here.

The appetizer was Sauteed button mushroom at RM 15!!! It used to be Yeen Pei and my favourite dish in Halifax Hall of Residence! Very delicious!!!! It was written in the menu that the dish fell under Tapas, which means appetizer in spanish cuisine. So the above could be a spanish starter if I'm not wrong :P

Tracy's wagyu beef cheeks at RM 48! The beef was braised with red wine and it was super tender and delicious!! Thumbs up!! Rating: 9/10!! It came with mash potatoes and gremolata. I must warn you that the portion for the beef is very small! :P

Joanne's Chicken Escalope (fillet in French) at RM 35 with roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula (aka rocket, a type of vege). Not bad too.

My Asian food, Nasi Istimewa Alexis at RM 25, with a pyramid kaffir lime and garlic rice, toasted kampung fish, beef rendang, fish crackers, baby brinjals aka eggplant and some vege that tasted weird to me. The dish was huge, totally contrast to Tracy's one. Rating: 7/10.

Yeen Pei's tagliatelle with duck at RM 32. See the duck meat above?? Not bad also, quite fresh, just that I don't like tagliatelle that much as it's too thick for me! too much flour to me :P

Our tiramisu with big chopped nuts and strawberry sauce. Very different from those we normally see. Very yummy though the strawberry sauce looked a bit like tomato sauce!

Tracy and Yeen Pei.

Joanne and I. Forgot to take a picture of four of the ex-housemates :(

Okay that's it. Celebration ended when we finished the piece of cake and went home thereafter.

Joking. Later when Tracy sees it, she'll say I'm cold-hearted. So, I decided to write a bit about her.

Tracy is pretty but not too tall, easygoing but sarcastic at times, sincere but not innocent, smart but not in personal financial management (neither do I), self-controlled but easily being hooked by visualised marketing techniques, independent but still need to be taken care of by someone special, loves to be pampered like any other girls, loves to dress up, loves to shop, eat and have fun. SEXY and FABULLOUS in short (*lol*)

Whatever it is, Happy (belated) Birthday again. Wish you all the best my dear!! To Perth as well :P Love you!! Friendship Forever!! *Kisses and Hugs*

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