Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3 of My Phuket Trip

Phew, let's continue my day 3 Phuket Trip I travelled in early July 2008!! Haven't been for overseas holidays since then because I'm broke!!! and also because our newly appointed Finance Minister cum Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak (* so long*)warned us that Malaysia economy would inevitably be negatively impacted by the current financial challenges (saw that from the Sun E-Paper, talking about go green :P).

For those who are not updated of the recent Malaysia news headline, our Deputy PM was previously a Defence Minister and he was 'transferred' to Finance Department and becoming the head of that whereas our PM was 'transferred' from Finance Department to Defence Department. Am not really a political person but erm... Shopaholic???!

But then again, a shopaholic like myself do have a view. Being an ordinary person who studies law, if you ask me to transfer from Legal Department to Finance Department (bearing in mind, I didn't say the head of the Finance Department), I would cry man!! Although I think I am quite good in maths (*showing*) So I guess both our PM and DPM must be some very capable persons. Now that I understand why I'm here working as legal exec and study part-time...I'm just too ordinary (*eyes wandering*)

Now let's check out how we kick start our day 3 in Phuket!

We went for a morning motorcycle ride and saw more ang mo (white man, which also means foreigners) than the locals around Phuket.

Saw some general election campaign sign boards everywhere...

Passed by the smelly elephant residence which we didn't visit...

and finally reached the Phuket Fantasea at Kamala which we would be going at night.

This picture was taken while we waiting for the green light...haha

Saw some of the very few nice houses also

which are normally belongs to some foreign investors, according to the local newspaper (english version, of course! Not like I can read Thai!!).

Passed by lots of beautiful beaches along the way...

and was summoned for the second time again in Patong on our way back to Karon! :( Though I still felt very excited at that time!!!

An international driving license from the France Republic!

Reason being we drove illegally!! We didn't have a driving license!! hahaha~~ Apparently the policemen LOVE to stop the foreigners and check whether they own a valid driving license!

They never check the locals!!

The cunning part is the policemen normally hide in the corner so that right after you make a turning without having seen them, they will stop you!! Of course if you abide by the law, you wouldn't have faced the situation like us!! (*sob sob*)

Well, since I couldn't change the fact that we'd be losing another 300 Baths, I might as well take a picture with the policemen while waiting for Eddie to pay the summons!

That wasn't a policeman but a security guard in Jungceylon Shopping Complex.

The Thai version of Red Cliff by Tony Leung!

Pretty heels in a nicely decorated shop with three god statue in the middle~ Wrong combination to me!!! Oh, I'm not being a racist! Racism is a crime as explaind in PeppySquare! Anyway I like the heels and the hanging chandelier! :P I wish I can keep all the heels and store it in my ideal big closet!!

Later on, we had Japanese at Fuji.

Because we were running out of cash!!! We scouted around the Mall and only found this restaurant that accept credit card!!! So I guess the locals and the visitors which consist of 80% ang mo are cash rich!!!

Nice place to dine though expecially when both of us love Japanese apart from the Thai Tom Yam!

I love the blended green tea there!! It tasted heavenly!! better than the one in Starbucks!! That's all I can say! Gosh!! Can anyone recommend a superb taste blended green tea available in KL to me?!?

Eddie's cold green tea from the bottle.

Eddie's set meal...nothing special...

But there were lots of ingredients in the miso soup...

Makimono set.

with the 'flaming hot' wasabi! so different from the normal lesser 'hot' wasabi!

Chawan mushi (*drooling*).

Our favourite sushi sashimi set!

Complimentary fruits!

and complimentary mini coffee!! It costed us approximately 650 Thai Baths!! which is about RM 65. It's cheaper than Sushi King but with better quality!

Love this photo loads!! Taken at some walkway outside the Shopping Complex with the manmade pool besides me!

We continued to talk outside of the Shopping Complex to the main road wherein Eddie found our favourite roasted coconut!

Me with the red tuk-tuk before we walked back to the Shopping Complex to take our vehicle.

That was Eddie 'die-die' also must visit the sportswear retail shop!

Now you see it and Now you don't!

Then went back to Karon beach so that Eddie could enjoy the fun moments at the sea and turn dark like a black man later on.

and now you see it again!

then went back Hotel to get ourselves ready to the Phuket's most visited tourist spot, Phuket Fantasea.

Spotted the elderly couple singing and begging in the street...what a uneasy sight!

Ta-da, this was our transport to the Phuket Fantasea although we knew the way to reach there! We paid another 200 Thai Baths each for the transportation on top of the entrance fees of 1600 Thai Baths each. The mini van would stop at a few Hotels to pick up customers before heading to Fantasea. It was worth to pay the extra bucks for the transportation because you'd be exhausted at the end of the night after the Fantasea!

Ding Dang Dong~~Welcome to the Phuket Fantasea!!

Phuket Fantasea is only accessible after you pay the entrance fees and a ticket that includes everything would entitle you to the main show about the Prince Kamala that lasts for 2 hours, dancing performances, entrance to the mini zoo and etc.

The above was the huge white peacock in its beautiful white castle. It's real although it looked too beautiful to be real!

Me posing in the stairs at the white castle with its colourful dimming lights.

You wouldn't notice the white parrots if you're careless because they blend themselves totally with the white castle. The tree branches were white as well!!

The Mice and their colourful heaven, the confectionary factory!! Guess they wouldn't be too sad to be a mouse! (*lol*)

Eddie's washing hand with the Dralion's saliva?! Call it Dralion because it looked like a combination of dragon and lion to me :P

Take a closer look at the Dralion's saliva in the Ladies too!!

That's another different theme washroom with the pink female cow and the light blue male bull.

and we had our dinner in one of the restaurants. The Tom Yam fried rice was so so yummy!!

Eddie's fried rice wrapped with omelette.

Coconut drinks is a must too! (*laughs*) What is Thailand without a coconut?! right? haha...after the dinner, we continued to walk to as many places as we could inside the Fantasea!

Me and some monster?! mascot?! Photo taken for the sake of taking only...haha...obviously it's not that cute it captures my eyes.

There were lots of push cart vendors selling arts and crafts souvenirs too, such as painting your name on a grain of rice and make it to a necklace.

Soap carving too.

The colourful circus look-a-like stage 'Carnival Village'.

There was jewellery shop too, all painted in snowy clear white and decorated with the bling blings...OMG so wonderful I feel like a princess instantly even though I didn't take a step into it...haha.

Me and the huge wedding bear bear couple at the display window of a retail shop that sells souvenirs!

This is the real couple, not the bear couple. (*laughs*) That's the entrance to the main show of the night.

They performed the story of how a brave prince save his princess and build his own empire. Storyline wasn't that great to me, but the acrobats and the elephants show were quite interesting though.

Hong Kong famous popstar Twins was once here too.

Edison Chan and his buddy, Yu Man Lok has been here too!

Our Miss Malaysia Universe 2005 Angela Gan was there too during her participation of the Miss Universe 2005.

All the pictures of the famous were hanging on the wall along the walkway to the main theatre for the show! I must say that even during the low season, it was so crowded in Fantasea. Luckily we were not packed like a sardine in a can. A big appreciation must be granted to their management team!! What a excellent job they have maintained all these years!!

No wonder they are so successful, making one of the best money in Phuket!

This was a happy me with a big bag of gifts from my hubby who was also the photographer of this picture :P was waiting for the van to fetch us back to our place. Although it was a long queue, the vans came so frequent we only waited for about 10 minutes. Did I say that we actually lost our tickets?! In normal situation, we need to pay for another tickets, but in Fantasea, the customer service representative could actually help us to retrieve our tickets from their advance system without any cost!!! (*big claps*)

okay... Time to say goodnight everyone...I wanna sleep already! Sweet dreams!