Sunday, October 05, 2008

English Breakfast

Having seen the western breakfast in Vitaporn Restaurant at Phuket again, I decided to cook an English breakfast for Eddie in the weekends since I do not need to work or go to school :P (Thank God for Raya Celebration!!)

Five dishes in total!! We've got Chicken Ham, Broccoli, scrambled egg, fried potatoes and french beans!!! Seriously I think I'm so great!!! *hahahaha* Except that I cooked the scrambled egg longer than I should and it's too milky, but Eddie didn't realise it because he took it with chilli sauce :P The only comment from him was the potatoes and ham was too oily.

Overall, I give myself 7/10!!! So excited!! (*laughs*)

See?!! This is a healthy breakfast with a glass of milk!!! Should have bought some tomatoes to add a little decoration into it!

Did I mention I actually took 2 hours and 15 minutes for the whole precess??!! I know it's a bit long, but it's ok! I'm seriously very excited being able to cook it and what more it tastes fantastically good to me! :P

Me in my Key Ng top.

So happy I decided to take a picture of myself being happy!! Okay, paiseh lar, this was taken on the second day after the cooking! lol

This one with Eddie sleeping at the back :P

Okay, Vain. (*lol*)


Anonymous said...

english breakfast = english sausage, bacon, scramble eggs.. and veg = fresh tomato, baked beans and hash brown

yours is like a vegetarian meal. too green and healthy.

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for your definition!