Monday, October 20, 2008

Hinky Pinky Is Back, Happy Belated 1st Birthday

Hinky Pinky Is Back is already one year old since yesterday on the 19th October 2008!! Apparently I forgot about it!!! OMG...I am really busy until my blog's birthday also I forgot!!! (*sob sob*)

Was it my time management problem??!! or Did I do things way too slow???!! (*sigh*)

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Hinky Pinky Is Back!! I love you, all the best in your future undertakings!!! Hmm...which means I must blog more often and give more effort?? No way time no time...ok we'll see how!!

But hey 'Hinky Pinky Is Back' is one year old now!! How to celebrate??! Can someone buy a pressie for 'Hinky Pinky Is Back'? (*tougue out*)

ok put some nice picture of myself first!! hehe...again Happy Belated Birthday!! muacksss!!

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