Friday, October 24, 2008

Life Is Hectic

Readers have been asking me why I seldom update recently.

The reason being my time is fully occupied!!! I'm fully committed to work and attending classes. The remaining time, I want to relax, doing nothing and have a peace of mind. Haha...

Update a picture for you guys to see but of course mainly for the viewing pressure of myself (*lol*)

Photo taken in Joanne's housewarming, inside her tiny little room :P The house owns by her sister!! How I wish I have my own house too!!!

Okay, I didn't look good here and my hair was like OMG...sigh...was rushing there after my was in a ordinary casual attire...hehe.

Don't see there...continue to read here...and so we bought her the famous Merlot red wine 2005 from don't where in Denise Wine...I didn't scout for it, so not sure!! Haha...but hope she likes it :P

So, that's all for now. See you again! buai buai...and Happy Deepavali!!! So excited I'm not doing anything in Monday! No class, No work, yeah!! (*Jumping up and down*)

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