Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Nuffnang Earnings

Woohoo, finally received my first earnings in Nuffnang on 9/10/2008 after blogging for less than a year!! Damn excited :P

Actually, I requested to cash out my money on 12/8/2008 but Nuffnang requires approximately 2 months for processing...haha...maybe Timothy Tiah is not rich enough yet to hire another person to help him out :P

Ya, I know RM 53.43 is too little I shouldn't even mention it. But somehow I feel kinda happy (*laughs*)!!

I couldn't afford to go Asahi with the 50 bucks, but at least I could go to the wonderful bak kut teh place at PJ old town at Heng Kee!

Couldn't buy Carlo Rino, but at least could afford Vincci!

Couldn't buy beautiful Eve dresses, but a mark down beautiful dress in Cats Whiskers is still possible! oh Key Ng is possible too :P

A 'star' on my hair to reward myself (*tougue out*)

So spend wisely, ok!! Everything is possible!! My message to the young generation!! and also to myself :-(


kennysia said...

Any amount of money is better than no money. :)

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey Kenny thanks for leaving a comment (*winkz*)