Thursday, October 09, 2008

Photo Shooting at Lake Garden

Yeah it's Me!!

Upon a request of my distant relative, I went for a photoshooting at Lake Garden few days ago. Of course with the company of Eddie, although he gave me a face of thunder, as if he's the thundercat.

Thundercat in the middle.

If you are below 20 this year, you probably won't heard about thundercat. But if you were in your early 20s, like myself, I'm sure you'll know about it!! Miss those times huh??? So carefree isn't it?! :P

This relative of mine is a 70-year-old elderly kinsman in my family and has the same rank as my grandma, so must give face!! (*chuckle*) Apparently, he is an enthusiatic photographer for more than 20 years as far as I'm aware of!! I remember him taking professional pictures of mine when I was at the age of three to five!!

Now that I'm all grown-up and he's still taking picture of me :P

I had loads of fun obviously, you know I LOVE photoshooting just as much as I LOVE 'Sex and the City' except, EXCEPT one thing, I was bitten by mosquitos all over my body! It was so painful I felt like I was dying (*sob sob*) Luckily, I met this kind passer-by uncle (A family man to me, he went to the garden with his whole family!! How sweet!) in the garden who willing to borrow his lifesaving tiger balm and an anti-insect repellent cream to me!! Thank god!! I was rescued!!!

I swear I'd been bitten for more than 20 times by the dengue mosquitos! Even though I'm still alive now, I'm still praying that I won't get dengue fever! Eddie was bitten lesser than me by the stupid mosquitos although he didn't move at all.

Btw, are you aware that normally when ppl put nice image, it comes together with a nice quote?? I know mine is a bit weird. I described my 'bitter'

ok, never mind. I love the above picture the most! haha.

I'm also sure that by this time, you guys are wondering why all the pictures are so blurry and they look nostalgic right?

The reason being, I scanned all the pictures into the computer!!! My relative claimed that film camera works better than digital ones. You should see the real pictures...very nice!! especially when I look great in all the pictures! lol. Ok, let's talk about my relative! I respect him for being so passionate about photography!! He drove us to Lake Garden at 7.30am in the morning and driving at the speed of 50km per hour!!! We, young adults must really learn from this old uncle, be passionate about life, be passionate about things you do, and learn to love it at the same time!!

Smile to the world, like me!! haha and the world will smile with you!! I'm teaching positive thinking lesson number one. To all students out there!! remember to practise everyday ok!! not easy you know!! Don't skip class, don't pretend to be sick!! Work smart, learn more and not to forget enjoy yourself, like me~~ (in my dreams, haha) I'm also practising it la.

Okay, that's it I wanna sleep! It's 12.02am in the morning!! I wanna look sexy and fabulous the next morning, so goodnight :P

P/S: Do you realise that we were wearing the same colours as our cars??! What a coincidence! lol

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gavin said...

the middle one is lion-o lah. they are all thundercats.