Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buy LV During Economic Crisis

I must admit that the mindset of the young generation nowadays has been deteriorated. Well if it's not all, I would say approximately half of young generation. My definition of young generation here would mean most of the fresh graduates who are currently employed with less than 3 working years. Why do I define so?? Because I'm surrounded by friends of that stage currently.

Now coming back to the main topic, with the current global enocomic crisis, many have said cash is king now. Save this year and invest in property next year when the property prices go down. Having known the principle so well and yet I still want to own a Louis Vuitton leather bag so badly. How mad am I??! (*OMG*) Actually there is a reason behind.

Almost all of my friends have it, ok not all, half of it yes!! Peer pressure!! So my will of having one is justifiable!(*lol*) Everyone is spending like crazy!! Buy luxurious stuff, splurge so much on unnecessary goods (which most of them deem as necessities!!) When I come to think again, even my superior doesn't own a LV (*Maybe they are mature*)!! Neither do I come from a rich family!! So why am I suppose to get one?! So, I constantly remind myself that I must be rational especially during the global recession now.

Another fact is I'm surrounded by a person who keeps on reminding me of importance of financial planning in long term. That's the reason I never really buy any LV bag which costs unreasonably thus far!! (*How pathetic*) I keep on reminding myself the successful persons that start from zero are those from the group that save 40% of their income after the deduction of their commitment and living expenses. I'm sure that 9 out of 10 don't save that much!! including myself which makes me an ordinary person! Please don't think I'm so expert. I was told by Eddie of all these. Who told Eddie then?! Donald Trump. Donald Trump can never be wrong.

But then again, the evil side of me, Mr. Devil in red, holding a sword with three sharp ends, keeps on harassing me that life is only complete when you own at least a LV bag. Then you can die peacefully with no regrets. Brilliant quote man! Fantastic!! Life is only complete when you have LV! Was told by my friend. (*lol*) For a person with no commitment, buying just one is acceptable la. Why wait!? Buy when you can afford (and suffer when you are old and have retired unless you die earlier relatively). (*laughs*)

Added to the above brilliant quote, the so-called brilliant quote, I will only buy a LV with the design that I really like and also big enough for me to dump everything I like inside. So I saw this which match my desire so much!! Speedy 30 (because it's so spacious!!!) from Epi Leather!!! in serene purple!!


I will not compromise on a normal monogram!! Normal monogram is a fashion No-No to me. No offence, ppl would kill me by reading this! lol...I emphasize again...Fashion No-No TO ME!! okay?!

and Fabulous!

K. Recession right?? Challenge for myself. I'll buy it when I pass my CLP. Results will be out next year September, which is also a good time to buy house. Maybe that time you'll see me purchasing a house, instead of a LV with depreciating value :P

Hope to see you again my darling Speedy 30 from Epi Leather in purple!! Anyway, do pray for me to pass CLP in order to take you home with me!


Rick Fei said...

Who said Donald Trump can be wrong??!!! he is not a god... just that all news was write good thing about him. Beside, we just can't follow thier idea blindly. Need to absorb all the good idea and become your own stlye. Hence not neccesery have to save 40% of income. although you can become rich but your life style is low. Not worth it. So you still can get the LV bag but as my opinion is that LV is not worth it. Try to get Burberry since KL is not much ppl carried that. I'm SICK of LV already. Try to get other ppl don't seldom buy, this will make your handbag more special.

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Noted and thanks for the recommendation. But I guess the one I chose is durable and not easily get dirty!(*oops...Carrie doesn't think that way! lol*) Anyway, I'm not buying now, we'll see how next year!