Thursday, November 27, 2008

Carven Ong Fashion Show

First of all, I would like to congrat Feian to have finally graduated from Carven Academy!! (*drumroll*) Woohoo, you go girl, put your best efforts in bringing Malaysian fashion to internationally-recognised level! Make Malaysia proud, you fashion designer!! :P

Secondly thanks girl for inviting me to attend Carven Academy Graduation and Carven Ong Couture Fashion Show, one of the fashion shows in Malaysia International Fashion Alliance aka MIFA.

The host for the fashion show was Owen Yap Khiam Hong, bald but handsome to me!! haha...34 right??! still very cute!!

The above was Feian's masterpieces!

I would say the gowns are simple but elegant! and the design on the one-sided shouder strap really stand-out!

The man's suit is wow it looks like a designer suit! Congrats again girl! Bravo!

The above that was created by another young designer, amazed me a lot too.

But most importantly it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's ruffled dress from Versace Couture :P

That was another young designer and her 3 pieces of creation! Not bad huh?!

Another ones. It looks to me that the gowns are suitable for bigger boobs female!! and the suit is definately for attention seeker who wants to steal the limelight!! (*lol*)

It then followed by some various designs including funky, futuristic, classy, tarzan-like designs by Carven Academy Intermediate students.

They then announced the lucky winner who walked away with RM 35,000 scholarship in Carven Academy.

and that one is from Carven Ong Couture Aloha range! ~Phew~killing!! Maybe I can wear that for my wedding gown! (*lol*) Joking!! See-through one ok!

The rest of the designs from Aloha. Beautiful aren't they?!

and Carven Ong in the middle.

I have a gown from Carven Sense too!! The pink one! Nice huh?! If I'm not financially-challenged, I will definately support Malaysian designer always! I mean buying more heavenly-made designer gowns! :P Anyway, Malaysia Boleh!! All the best to MIFA too!


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