Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Elephant @ Section 17, PJ

Welcome to My Elephant @ PJ section 17.

It was a saturday night, although we reserved a table, we were still required to wait! Cos the big table were fully taken. I must warn you guys that it's not easy to find the restaurant although it's just right opposite of a school. The signboard of the restaurant could hardly be seen in the dark because they never use any lightings on it. Can only see it with your car lights on (*faintz*) But then again the front view of the restaurant is quite outstanding. It's surrounded by windows instead of walls.

Although it's a Thai restaurant which serve our favourite tom yam, but the restaurant is fairly modern, not so much of Thai-style.

We ordered rice for sure and they served the mixed white and brown rice. It costs RM 2.50 per pax. Fairly priced.

The tom yum seafood at RM 25. Very spicy but quite delicious. People who can't take spicy food must tell the waitor to make it less spicy!

Kailan at RM 10. Tastes average and doesn't go well with rice. Rating: 6/10.

Fish cake tastes heavenly!! A must to order. RM 8 for 5 pieces per dish. Rating: 8/10.

Jungle vegatables, Paku tastes wonderful too! (Rate: 7.5/10) People, please be aware that too much of Paku is bad for health! Also, they don't serve the same jungle vegatables everyday. So Paku lover, do take note! Price: RM 12, quite expensive. Anyway, Chinese will still pay for it as long as it tastes good!

Green curry chicken at RM 20 tastes normal. Rating: 7/10.

The Plah Nung Manow (no idea what fish it that also) at RM 39. The fish was cooked with chilli padi, lime and garlic. Tastes average too. Rating: 7/10.

The omelette fried with fish otak-otak at RM 12, two thumbs up! Rating: 8/10.

The squid is fresh, but the dish doesn't taste so great to me! Maybe I don't know how to appreciate. Price: 18, Rating: 7/10.

Fried chicken at RM 14. Doesn't test the cooking skills much as it's deep fried. Quite cripsy! Rating: 7.5/10.

My Pandan cooler at RM 3 and Eddie's mango lychee at RM 6.50. Both tastes good!! Bear in mind do not order the lychee jasmine in red (price too at RM 6.50) because it tasted weird, as told by a friend who ordered it. Anyway, you will still order water too because I guess they cook with too much ajinamoto (*lol*). It costs only RM 0.50 per pax and it's bottomless.

Overall, the restaurant is worth paying a visit. We spent about RM 35 per person for the dinner, so I wouldn't say cheap but I would say it's reasonable :) We were all very full after the dinner and it fulfilled my satisfaction too. I feel so great!! *Phew*

Snapshot time.

The bald Eddie and I!

The cutie pie couple.

The new couple.

The good friends.

The guys with the same birth date.

It's actually a gathering among Eddie's secondary school friends. It's fun though (*Yeah*).

Anyway, take out your pencil and paper or whatever high tech gadgets and take down the address.

Block C-G4, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Persons:
Patrick @ 012-3285028
James @ 019-3608911
Soong @ 016-3795759
Kom @ 016-3459298

or visit their official website at

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