Monday, December 29, 2008

X'mas Has Gone So Fast!

Heh this was how I spent my Christmas holiday!! went for the Big Show, a play organised and performed by the Acts Church members!! I wouldn't say great but it's certainly cool!! Imagine all the performers do it without any pay but just for the sake of everyone's happiness. I enjoyed myself a lot and Eddie surely learnt something from there!

Wai Foong and I.

Thanks Adrian for the invitation!! Forgot to take a picture with him, he was so busy! Haha...Well, apparently they have it every year!! So if you don't have anything better to do on the X'mas day next year, probably you could drop me an e-mail, I'm sure they are happy to have you there!

Oh I love Christmas!!! It has gone so fast and that now today it's Awal Muharam, also Malaysia Public Holiday, meaning I don't need to work, but the feeling inside me is so different! No excitement!

Anyway, the brand new year of 2009 is approaching. Have you made any new year resolutions? What would you want to achieve next year? Scoring 10 As? Study harder? Make more $$? or any plans to overseas for vacation? Good Luck everyone!!! I wish you guys stay happy and healthy for the new year to come!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

X'mas eve dinner with close friends, taken in front of the bottle-made X'mas tree in Bangsar Village.

Christmas has always been one of my favourite holidays!! I love the Christmas Caroling, love the Christmas lightings, the gift exchanging moments and almost all of the soothing and relaxing Christmas songs!!

Photo courtesy of Ian.

Anyway, may you be blessed in this X'mas!!

P/S: more pics coming up, ciao...busy celebrating X'mas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jia Nee's Wedding finally people start complaining that my blog sucks!! I'm so upset. You know!!? Well, anyway I will still put my other works in priority! Sorry my darling readers out there! haha :P

So today I'm gonna upload some pretty pictures which I'd taken during my pretty friend's wedding at Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre!! Yup, my pretty Jia Nee has got married!! (*So touching*)

Oh yeah, the bride is beautiful especially her eyes...woohoo...please don't scroll down so fast to peep on her pretty face slowly ok!? (*lol*)

Check us out first of course! The group of Ji Mui~ haha. Actually I have to apologise to Jia Nee for not turning up during the day time because I don't dare to miss my lectures, sorry dear. At least I turned up as one of the usherettes, didn't I?! (*chuckles*)

The above picture stolen from pretty Pris and treated it as my own by labelling my "trademark" on it(*lol*) You know la, a bunch of girls going out, camera flashing is expected. We would NOT let go of any opportunities in taking pictures, like there while we waiting for the lift.

Ta-da, this is the bride. Pretty right, isn't she?! Gosh, she is staying with the husband now!! Wow, still can't believe she is married now! (*lol*)

The wedding reception begun with the bride and the bridegroom playing musical instruments to impress the crowd!! So romantic don't you agree?!! The whole thing was so so beautiful it will definately last a lifetime to both of them!! and do you know how them both know each other??!

They was once student and lecturer during Jia Nee's Uni days!! you know it could happen in real life situation huh?!! So hard to believe!!! I always thought that happens only in Taiwanese leng chai leng lui drama which I do not appreciate at all!! So fake I once thought. Okay so now I need to apologise for being naive, neednt't I?! Well, I'll convince myself that perhaps the hubby is a Colombian which could be more romantic?! (*giggle*)

My gang of sexy, pretty and cute friends. Sorry 75% not available anymore!! Instead 25% would be gone in the market because her wedding is in next year June :) Oh actually 25% is definately gone because she is legally married. Too bad haha. Now that I think of it I would say almost 10% of my friends around my age are married. Perhaps I could be the next group to add it up to 20%?!!

Joking!!! Wedding = Hassle!! OMG...some more need to save loads of $$$ I wanna faint! Maybe I just register my marriage like Carrie Bradshaw without the dinner, toast and whatever!! but I reserve my Vivienne Westwood wedding gown!! if only I have one!! haha...but hey If I have an option, I want my wedding to be perfect (on my own definition), I want my wedding reception to be beautiful, I want everyone to enjoy the atmosphere and the FOOD and everything! Sorry can't help for being so imaginative :P

Me in one of my favourites Daniel Yam purple lacy dress and Yin in her purple fitted dress too! What a coincident!

Guess what? I bumped into one of my close friends, Bee Yin in the wedding reception!! World so small! Anyway, congrats again Jia Nee. Love you always *muacks muacks*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Charity Carnival @ Summit USJ

Went to a Christmas Charity Carnival recently as a friend of mine was one of the committees organising the carnival. The purpose of which of course is to raise fund, to purchase a factory to do community works to help those less fortunates.

It was held in Summit USJ, which is very far from my place. At first, I was quite relunctant to go, but since it's after all a charity and my colleagues were all so good-hearted, donated some of their hard-earned money to support the charity, I must also do my part to help them purchase some food to bring back! Of course I donate also la, not much la!! hehe...must also thank Eddie for sending me there or else the money collected also couldn't be donated. So thank you Eddie, you have also done a good deed :P

Actually, the ridiculous thing was, prior to the charity, a friend of mine who was into the fortune telling by using numbers to calculate destiny, told me that I must do more charity to change the bad/negative side of my luck. Haha, I guess I must have been healtier after the charity :P

Well, you will always feel so much better after the good deeds that you have done. So to all the young people out there who are not exposed to the working world yet and which also means those who has a lot of time especially now during the school holidays, do make good use of the time and help those in needs on a regular basis. Do some charity!! and in return give yourself a big hand (*claps*)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Royal Monte Carlo

You know sometimes things don't always go your way. Sometimes when you have so many needs that it's impossible to achieve in a short period of time despite all the hard work, you might need to think of way to actually compromise it and settle down with a less 'great' choice.

You get what I mean?! ok, an example for you for better understanding.

Say you wanna go Monte Carlo in Monaco so badly and indulge in the luxurious and glamorous life, imitate those black celebrities, wearing thick gold necklace, thick gold bracelet, driving a big, nice Formula 1 car or whatever, or perhaps be the Bond girl in elegant red killing gown.

*dreaming* Back to reality, farfetch huh?!

Never mind, maybe a Royal Monte Carlo, from Haagen-Dazs at RM 25.90 will do.

Does it make any sense to you?!! *winkz*