Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Charity Carnival @ Summit USJ

Went to a Christmas Charity Carnival recently as a friend of mine was one of the committees organising the carnival. The purpose of which of course is to raise fund, to purchase a factory to do community works to help those less fortunates.

It was held in Summit USJ, which is very far from my place. At first, I was quite relunctant to go, but since it's after all a charity and my colleagues were all so good-hearted, donated some of their hard-earned money to support the charity, I must also do my part to help them purchase some food to bring back! Of course I donate also la, not much la!! hehe...must also thank Eddie for sending me there or else the money collected also couldn't be donated. So thank you Eddie, you have also done a good deed :P

Actually, the ridiculous thing was, prior to the charity, a friend of mine who was into the fortune telling by using numbers to calculate destiny, told me that I must do more charity to change the bad/negative side of my luck. Haha, I guess I must have been healtier after the charity :P

Well, you will always feel so much better after the good deeds that you have done. So to all the young people out there who are not exposed to the working world yet and which also means those who has a lot of time especially now during the school holidays, do make good use of the time and help those in needs on a regular basis. Do some charity!! and in return give yourself a big hand (*claps*)

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