Thursday, January 08, 2009

Belly Dance @ Tropicana Golf Club

As explained in the Wikipedia, a shimmy is a dance move in which the body is held still, except for the shoulders, which are alternated back and forth. When the right shoulder goes back, the left one comes forward.

On top of it, most importantly shimmy is a very common belly dance moves of which any belly dancers must handle it well not only on the shoulder part but also the hip's twisting movements.

Well, if you are still unsure, check out some of the pictures taken in our belly dancing showcase in the themed 'Mystery @ Shimmy' at Tropicana Golf Club ballroom last year (*lol*).

The programme in 'Mystery @ Shimmy'.

Oh, do you know that there are different types of Belly Dance too?! such as Fusion Belly, Indian Belly, Jazz Belly, etc. It's actually a combination of that particular dance and the traditional Middle Eastern Dance! Talking about creativity! haha a tool that could not be left out in today's society.

Anyway, this was us before the belly dancing performance. Everyone put on a long striking colour hip scarves! So colourful it pampers my eyesight for a few seconds (*tougue out*)

Tracy came to support me as well!! Looking great as always even without make-up!! (*envy*) Haha...joking! Thanks for coming yeah!! Muacks muacks...oh credit must be given to Eddie too for the ticket! Thanks Eddie!!

This was some of us after all the shimmy, maya, ohmi blah blah blah...

The sassy dance instructor Mei Ling!! (*Woohoo*) Although she performed the best dance which covered the beginning and the ending parts of the event, but I will only upload my Catwalk Belly performance in the below video because I'm afraid that she will steal away the limelight!! (*lol*) Joking, it's so hard to upload video to the internet ok!! It took me like forever to upload one!! So mine comes first (*chuckles*)


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