Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My new found fav - The Gem of Life

Diamonds and Jewelleries *Bling Bling* (*Eyes widen*)

Lol...went missing for some times. Reason being I have found my new favourite, TVB drama series The Gem of Life, was like watching over and over again, not every part but those with Calvin and Sylvia on it!!! Calvin being played by Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu plays the role of Sylvia in the drama. Both of them love each other very much and yet they can't be together. (*sob sob*)

Anyway, I'm so IN LOVE with the role play by Bowie Lam, not because he is leng chai (and he is not that charming anyway hehe) but because of his characteristic!!

Love Calvin because he is smart, he is a business man, a successful one who achieve status, wealth and power by his own, he is ambitious, hardworking, and aggresive. He is serious and playful at the same time, naughty and yet creative. Although sometimes he is careless in taking care of the girlfriend's feeling, but ironically I still love the part that he puts Sylvia in top priority (yeah after the break-up) and he will do whatever necessary to fulfill Sylvia's request!!! Did I mention Calvin is loyal and faithful also?!!

Oh I now LOVE Calvin more than Carrie. :P Seriously I lurrrvee Koa Cheung Seng very much!! I wonder is there such a person in real life?! (*eyes-rolling*)

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