Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot Spring @ Sungkai, Perak

Now that I hardly have time to blog but I feel the necessity to blog because my traffic is dropping, not that it's important but...

A quick one then.

Hot Springs at Sungkai, Perak.

We must pass through the winding road to reach this suburb area, where we booked our hotel room at the Felda Residence Hot Springs!! We paid RM 220 per night with breakfast and 2 tickets to access to the Hot Springs!

Outside the hotel lobby.

It was indeed a holiday. Because we stayed in a comfy hotel room instead of a budget hostel!!

Everything was so new!!! mainly because it wasn't officially launched yet at that time. We could be the first to use the room!!

The room is huge too!! How I wish my future room at home could be that big!!

Big Mirror in toilet. Ideal for my future house! haha and hot shower is a must!!

The is only ONE restaurant available at the Hotel!! (*fainted*)

There are flat screen TVs at the restaurant too!!

Luckily the environment is not bad or else I'll be crying for actually wanting Eddie to bring me there!!!

You'll see lots of palm oil tree outside the restaurant too. What a village!!

Front view of the restaurant looks better! Can even see my reflection in the tinted door some more!!

Garden landscape outside the restaurant.

The 'Coffee House' Menu at the restaurant.

They serve Malaysian cuisine, spagetti, burger, sandwich and some other western food.

We ordered 'Xing Chow' Beehoon at RM 8. It's tasteless!! Sigh :(

Tom Yam Kung at RM 12.90 to go with white rice!! Well, not nice also but because it's Tom Yum, my favourite, I still drink like there is no tomorrow!! and of course with rice!! (*cheek turned red*)

There is a SPA Village too!!! So we went to check it out before dinner.

They do Malay Massage and they were having a promotion at RM 60 per hour!! So we decided to go for dinner first and rest for a while before we go for the massage. But things didn't turn out the way we wanted it too!! When we reached there at about 9.30pm (after I'd thought of like thousands times until Eddie finally decided for me) service was no longer provided!! So disappointed!! Okay we were in holiday, brains were relaxing so couldn't function well and so never thought of the massage centre would close so early!!

Me and the young waitress at the 'Coffee House' during dinner.

Quarter chicken with fried rice at RM 16.90. Taste still acceptable. Rating: 5/10.

Sizzling chicken chop at RM 19.90. Normal taste only!

Fish and chips at RM 17.90. My dad cooks better!! (*lol*)

The next day we went for breakfast early in the morning before we headed to the Hot Springs.

Breakkie was included in the package. It's not buffet style but they would serve whatever they had in kitchen to you!! So the above was all the food taken out for just the two of us!! It was indeed a lot of food and even people like us who eat a lot also could not finish them all. Of course all the food are cheap. Sausages also taste like those cheapest one in supermarket! Maybe those with Tesco or Giant brand!! (*laughs*) Meat inside the fried noodles or rice also not much! Like so pathetic like that!! Luckily they served my favourite harsh brown or else I'll rate them 1 out of 10!! I'm definately not saying the harsh brown was nice! It's worse than those in McD. Give some credit to them also. Their guava juice was nice. Not watery! (*LOL*) I only saw another 2 couples having breakfast on the day, probably that's the reason why we were served so much food. Imagine if it's crowded in the restaurant...

Never mind, I come for the TRAP. Not that I was being trapped, but Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, in short TRAP! It was located next to our hotel or maybe I should say the hotel was built to cater for tourists.


Total disappointment!!! Hot Springss was closed!! Ridiculous ok!! Come all the way for the Hot Springs and you tell me it's close for construction!! (*angry*)

Actually, I wasn't really mind because I'm never an outdoor person. SPA is still my all time favourite!! haha I was just curious about what was Hot Springs all about!!

Then we saw this hot water pool!!

Played with it for a the way that was meant for public!! It was quite dirty when I first saw it and yet I still went inside!! Reason being I could always went to the hotel to bathe.

Eddie looked cute to me but may look cunning to the others.

Pool at temperature 30 to 35 degrees celsius!

Boiling hot water pool.

The private jacuzzi at RM 75 per hour.

We went there to take a look and the temperature of the water could be controlled by us!! Techno so advanced nowadays!

The entrance to one of the private jacuzzi.

The cold pool with an octopus slide.

Kid's playset. Eddie being the kid.

Some visitors brought some eggs to boil in there!! Obviously that wasn't me :P

Bye Bye (*leaving the hotel*)

Click here for more info about Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rose In Decay

While others were enjoying their valentine's day...

I received a stalk of pink rose which went decayed not long later...

To be continue...

*trying to create a time to blog, need to study bye bye*

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My X'mas Gift in 2008

My lovely gifts from my thoughtful friend Lui Meng and some from gift exchanges!! (*joyful*) Of course some were in my stomach and came out as waste!! Not waste actually, because it's stored in my memory :P

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Photo Shooting at Titiwangsa

*Ring...ring...* alarm clock was ringing at 7am on the 5th day of CNY, don't need to work and yet need to wake up reluctantly for shooting!!

Check out the outdoor shoots at Titiwangsa!! All these pictures are taken by my distant relative's student. Of course, overall pictures are still not as good as those taken by the instructor...hehe. I don't have the softcopy of the pictures taken by my distant do compromise with the second best ok! :P

Couldn't find another time already, so have to sacrifice some precious time of mine during CNY for another love of my life (*giggles*). Of course it was well worth it!! Plus, I were fully weaponed...with mosquito repellant spray, so pictures seem to be more natural.

*HUSH* enjoy the pictures!!

Picture was so clear even my hair (on my hand) could be seen so clearly! haha

This one with the bubble effects. I suppose people who are into photography should know the greatness of the bubble effect?! haha

The one with Eddie.

Next, guess what's that shadow?

It's part of the shoulder and head of the photographer holding his camera.