Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Niu Year

May this Year of Ox bring myself happiness and good fortune!! Haha and most importantly all my dreams come true!!

My cute and handsome youngest cousin brother, Sean Goh :P

Oops, of course the same goes to all my family and best friends! oh my readers and whosoever too!! Can't be so selfish (*lol*)

Me and my kind pretty cousin sister.

This was the gathering on the first day of CNY. Meeting up with my cousin from mother's side and had a vegetarian meal! Food was a no-no to me, but what to do?! Everyone turns vegetarian on the first day of CNY :P

The Group photo.

Standing beside Hacken Lee's 'gou mui' (tall girl) makes me feel so short and fat!! (*Sob Sob*) FYI, my cousin won the Hacken Lee's tall girl contest. So you can imagine how fat would I be standing beside her! (*lol*)

The Vegetarian "Yee" Sang.

Anyway, happy CNY!! Enjoy yourself to the max whenever you can because you'll need to face the reality for a long looonngg time after this!!

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