Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Photo Shooting at Titiwangsa

*Ring...ring...* alarm clock was ringing at 7am on the 5th day of CNY, don't need to work and yet need to wake up reluctantly for shooting!!

Check out the outdoor shoots at Titiwangsa!! All these pictures are taken by my distant relative's student. Of course, overall pictures are still not as good as those taken by the instructor...hehe. I don't have the softcopy of the pictures taken by my distant relative...so...please do compromise with the second best ok! :P

Couldn't find another time already, so have to sacrifice some precious time of mine during CNY for another love of my life (*giggles*). Of course it was well worth it!! Plus, I were fully weaponed...with mosquito repellant spray, so pictures seem to be more natural.

*HUSH* enjoy the pictures!!

Picture was so clear even my hair (on my hand) could be seen so clearly! haha

This one with the bubble effects. I suppose people who are into photography should know the greatness of the bubble effect?! haha

The one with Eddie.

Next, guess what's that shadow?

It's part of the shoulder and head of the photographer holding his camera.

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