Sunday, March 01, 2009

V Day 2009

Hehe, since Valentine's Day is an important day for the love birds, no matter how busy am I, I must also jot down what happened on that day itself!!

It was a Saturday and I had lectures until 7pm, so we only got to celebrate at night.

Of course when it comes to celebrations, FOOD cannot be missed out!!

We had the Valentine set for 2 at Secret Recipe at RM 68 at Times Square (Cheap hor?!!) Nah, you wish!! after tax it's about RM 80. Relatively cheap maybe :P

Valentine set includes the follows:-

Two soup of the day (mushroom soup and pumpkin soup, better order mushroom soup, the pumpkin one not nice!!) and Two sparking juice. The crackers are free!

Grilled dory and fries!! Not bad!!

Prawn macaroni with cheese. Though prawn was fresh but they did NOT serve to us while it's I don't find it nice and didn't finish it!! How rare!! Normally I finish all the food plus sometimes I lick the residue sauce on the plate!! (*Those are jokes ok :P*)

One brownies with vanilla ice-cream and chopped almond to be shared between us.

We witnessed a rat dropped from the ceiling and went inside the coffee maker also while dining! So think twice if you want to order coffee here!! lol...

Actually the reason for eating relatively "cheap" food was because we were planning for a foot reflexology at Reborn!!! But it's all packed! So we went to another foot reflexology centre (Dunno what's the name, there are so many in Level 4 and 5 and it's all managed by the Chinese from the China mainland). Pricing at RM 19 per person for 30 minutes. Then the shop keeper recommended a valentine package for us at RM 95 and Eddie decided to go for it. So we had a relaxing back massage after the foot reflexology!! and Eddie tipped the hardworking Chinese RM 5 making it a total RM 100. There gone Eddie's $$ OMG!!

Of course we exchanged gifts too and we both bought books for each other coincidently!!! Eddie bought me the life insurance thingy as if I don't know the importance of buying one and ENOUGH for my own!! Whereas for me, I bought him books again like I always do!! because he reads and understands faster and better than me he can explain to me while I concentrate on my studies!! hahaha I'm so cunning!

Anyway, if you have read my stalk of pink rose in decay Eddie bought it to me on Velantine's Day, you can imagine how sad I was so Eddie bought me an extra anti-sensitive Earrings from Denni for me!!! Yeah so happy!!! lol

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