Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get Slim In Hong Kong

As most of you know, Hong Kong is a city of entertainment.

At 'Hong Kong' MRT station.

But are you aware that it's also a city that concern very much on body weight!

Ada Choi and Jade Kwan's slimming advertisements!

Slimming advertisements could be seen everywhere even at the high rise residential building...

TVB actress Shirley Yeung's advertisement.

everywhere in the MRT station...

and spokepersons ranging from Hong Kong young and talented Janise Wai Lan...

to Carena Lau who is in her 40s!! Basically, female no matter young or old must be slim!!

If slimming centre could not help much, take pills like Linda Chung and your waist will reduce to a few inches smaller!! (*Wiping off my sweat*) Isn't it irresistable?!!


Luimeng said...

hehe...Jade Kwan is my friend's sister though~ 2 years back, I been always listening to her every songs as if I were her great fans since my friend put on her songs almost everyday and she stayed next room to me.

Anonymous said...

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