Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Birthday 2009

Wanna thanks everyone for celebrating my b'day with me!!!

Photo courtesy of Ian. Love this a lot. Taken in the dark with professional camera!! Cool huh?!!

First of all, I wanna show my appreciation to my hubby Eddie :P

Taken in Jackie Chan's cafe at Lot 10.

It follows by my BIG family!!

My Uni besties! My leng lui gang :P

Photo courtesy of Ian.

and their another half or maybe lifetime partner...

Photo courtesy of Ian.

wanna thanks the La Risata restaurant keeper for lending us clean plates and giving me a shot glass of mixed alcohol...

Photo courtesy of Ian.

Not to forget my secondary school good friends who came all the way from Selayang, Batu Caves to Cheras to look for me (*touched*)

Lui Meng, Me and Ah Yin at Kaki Corner, Cheras.

Wanna thank my lovely colleagues too (*giggle*)

Dome Cafe, Berjaya Times Square. The restaurant is not there anymore :P

Last but not lease, thanks to Eddie's basketball kaki for buying me the West Ham football jersey as if I'm a fan of

No. I'm not a fan of it. They bought it to me to keep the memory of me purposely went against Eddie in a football match in TV on one occasion!! Being evil in a good way?!

Chocolate Walnut from Secret Recipe from Eddie.

My other gifts...

So many gifts!! As Jia Yong is in Singa land and didn't celebrate with me, but I still received her perfume 'HOOPS' on the 3rd day of CNY and started to use it even before my birthday!! Thanks muacks muacks...haha...really appreciate it (*kisses*) and you're wrong I ain't a perfume fan (*cunning laugh*) but I can always change after reading "Who Moved My Cheese?" (*continue to read to extract more info*)

Cake from King's Confectionary from Denise and Kok Wai!

Thanks Denise and her darling for being so thoughful :P

Thanks Yu Jing for the strawberry wine and my uncle and family for the inspirational book of "Who Moved My Cheese?" After reading it, I realise that I'm leading a good life with all the good people around me :P Anyone wants to borrow my book? (*tougue out*)

Some memorable pictures that I must post out!

The one with everyone looking happy...

Photo courtesy of Ian.

and especially the one I looked happy with hubby (*laughs*)

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