Friday, April 10, 2009

Hong Kong Char Chan Teng

Hong Kong Char Chan Teng is equivalent to Malaysia Coffee Shop!! I guess most of us have visited one of the most famous retail restaurant Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Malaysia right!!? Yeah, something similar but with better food and minus those funky drinks!! Yuen Yang remains the most traditional drinks!

A set of breakfast that comes with one drink, one sandwich and one instant noodle with meat costs about HKD 40 (RM 20). This is one type of typical Hong Kong style breakie!! Of course, I would say Hong Kong dim sum remains on top of the list for morning breakfast!

Me in the Char Chan Teng, check out the interior design behind!! Environment better than the coffee shop in my homeland leh~~

Saw this police van outside the Hong Kong style restaurant for the first time!!!! The one that I always used to see in those TVB drama series!!

I know I looked fat in the picture but that's the only picture I have in front of the Salon which I got my hair done!

Oh ya...did you notice I change my hair style?! Some people said I highlighted my hair, some said I cut it...but the fact was I straightened it and no one could tell (*fainted*) Anyway, I did it at Shen Zhen near the Luohu train was relatively cheap as compared to Malaysia!! RM 90 only plus treatment!!! Folks, go Shen Zhen and do your hair!! Wondering whether the Hong Kong people always go Shen Zhen to do their hair or not!!

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