Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Human make mistakes

People make mistakes, students make mistakes, employees make mistakes...

What if a person makes the same mistake TWICE!! Is that person absent-minded, stubborn or retarded?! or simply ignorant?!

How can a person repeat the same mistake?!! Is it because you think the mistake is so minor so small you ignore it don't even want to bother about it?? Even that it is still a mistake, right?! So DO NOT repeat it!! Heh, room for you to improve ok!!

Anyway, please do not repeat the same mistake THRICE!!

What say you?


m.yin said...

phew~ sounds like me when smone gets on my nerve!!! hmmm what should i say then, cool down my fren, ppl will learn from mistakes at the end also~ =)

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey girl, hehe...actually I was blaming myself. I was upset then...keke...heh anyway I've learnt something good. When anything goes wrong, don't put the blame on others but yourself.

Heh but I wonder shd I give credits to my post as I don't want that misunderstanding but some mystery it in...:P