Monday, May 18, 2009

Korean House Restaurant

Eddie and I share the same interest on food, we both love Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian cuisine!! Yes, Asian food but NEVER Korean cuisine.

Recently while we were hunting for food in SS2, we decided to go Korean. Actually it was me. Lol.

It was the eve of Mother’s Day and the Korean couple was doing well!

Table setting.

We had some mixed vegetables in sweet sauce as our starter. FOC.

Eddie was drinking FOC Korean tea.

Our BBQ chicken (RM 28) and pork (RM 30)!! You must order two types of meat for the BBQ. I must say they marinate the meat so well it makes it taste heavenly!! It is sooo delicious!!!

And it comes together with twelve varieties of side dishes. A little bit of everything.

It includes different types of vegetables such as brinjal, vegetables salad, sweet potatoes, potato, sour cabbage, bean sprout, long bean, white carrot, clam and etc.

Wrap the side dishes and the meat with the raw vegetable. Add sweet sauce for better taste! (*drooling*)

Both of us love rice so much so we ordered 2 bowls of rice and it costs RM 5 per bowl!! OMG~ bring own rice better!!! Perhaps the rice was so pricey, they felt guilty and they gave us loads of free food!!

Free one bowl of soup with some eggs and red carrots. A lot of ajinamoto though.

Free two bowls of pumpkin soup!! Thumbs up!! but you can finish it with five tablespoons :P

After we had paid the bills, they still delivered a free bowl of steamed egg!! That tastes normal.

Korean noodles with small octopus. Of course we couldn’t finish that!! It was for my parents! Hehe…and it costs approximately RM 34.50 after tax and service charge!!

The total bill was RM 113.20!! Cheap? NO!! I better don't follow my whims and fancies next time :P

For reservation, call 03-78730031
Address: No. 185, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya.

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