Friday, June 12, 2009

Oyster tastes the best!!

I love to eat Oysters!! I love Saisaki Oyster, I love Shogun Oyster, I love Jogoya Oyster...Oops, coincidently all the oysters are from Japanese buffet restaurant!! and my point is they are NOT CHEAP!!

But then again...I found this!!

He was selling Oyster at the road side!!!! but it's in Shen Zhen!!

It tasted heavenly!! I love both raw and cooked oyster!!! They are so yummylicious!!! Ouulala...

How I wish we have cooked oysters at the road side in KL too (*sob sob*) so that I can pay a minimal price for the great indulgence!

1 comment:

lengleng said...

Wow they are selling oyster at the roadside now?!!

Oysters taste good when they are fresh~ :)