Friday, July 24, 2009

What a relief!!!

Heello, am back! It's over!!! Exams are never easy!! More stressful than working and it caused lots of pimples on my forehead!! and facial mask couldn't help much!! OMG...but luckily time will heal it! (*giggles*)

Anyway, I want to congratulate Eddie for winning the Mont Blanc pen!!! Afterall, hard work did pay off!

My new red dress!! which I bought right after exams in Dorothy Perkins!! I think I love red dresses a lot!! (*giggles*) and it was such a coincident they were having members' preview sale at 4pm and I being a non-member had a earlier preview than the members!! (*laugh out loud*) Just that I didn't enjoy another additional 10% off...hehe

During the night, went to Duck's party to celebrate his birthday and also relax myself after those "hard times"...I was awake for 33 hours!! I'm so great man!! and also there was one time I slept almost 23 hours continuosly during these period...exams are never easy especially as we grow older...sigh!!

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