Monday, August 31, 2009

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Hi, my lovely readers, it has been a while since I last blogged. I guess I've lost the urge to blog after my exams revision period. Anyway, I won't abandon my site ^_^ and I've decided to post my favourite japanese food review that I'd always wanted to post like ages ago (*chunkles*)!! Here we go, Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens.

The large Unadon (roasted eel) with rice at RM 26.80. I LOVE this!! It's my all time favourite!! Order a small one instead so that you can try other food :P (Rating: 9/10) It's so much better than Sushi King!!

The soft shelf crab maki at RM 6. Nice and you can't have that in Sushi King!

The large Chirashi Don (Assorted seafood at sushi rice) at RM 19.80.

Various type of Salmon sushi at RM 19.80. One word: wow!!

More shasimi!! Four pieces each of tuna, yellow-tail and salmon at RM 25!! (*double wow*)

Negitoro maki (minced tuna with spring onion) at RM 6. Not bad!

Kanimayo maki (crabstick with mayonnaise) with fish egg on the outer layer at RM 4.80!

Shoyu Ramen (large) at RM 12.80. Just normal, nothing great :P

Four pieces of tempura at RM 9.80.

Macha Monaka (Green tea ice-cream with sweet bean wrapped by a wafer) at RM 8!! Not bad!! Quite small though, maybe 12cm x 8cm? Correct me if I'm wrong!

One scoop of black sesame ice-cream at RM 6! Nice but not cheap :P

Anyway, Sushi Zanmai is a better alternative to Sushi King! However, recently, hmm...actually it's yesterday I visited Sushi King in Leisure Mall and I found out that their salmon in the Salmon Sushi was so much bigger than previously!! and the egg Omelette in Tamago Sushi was HUGE!! I guess Sushi King's business was definately adversely affected by the opening of Sushi Zanmai!! Woohoo~ Sushi Zanmai rocks!! The consumers gain advantage when there are more competitors in the market!

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