Thursday, September 03, 2009

Diamonds are Every Girl's Best Friend

If you are going to Macau, the City of Casino in Asia (US equivalent is Las Vegas and Europe equivalent is Monte Carlo which I'm going soon!!! Woohoo), you must not miss Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, design of which is based on the beautiful city of Venice, Italy (which I'm also going to visit soon for the second time, phew~ really excited!!!* whistle*) and Hotel Lisboa!!

Casino Lisboa which is located inside the Hotel Lisboa.

The casino located inside the Hotel Lisboa was the biggest in Macau before Venetian Macau Resort Hotel was built!

Anyway, this is not the main point!

The main point is I was wearing a D colour, 218 carat internally flawless diamond in Hotel Lisboa!! Can you imagine??!! 218 Carat!! D colour (which is the finest in Diamond's grades)!!

I was joking!! Never in life will I have the chance to wear such a diamond (*laughs*) unless I am married to some royal family members in middle east country...Well, but I don't see myself in that moment anyway especially when I need to cover myself under a black scarf from head to toes and only my eyes are allowed to appear in the public (*tougue out*)

Anyway, check out the introduction signboard!! Diamond Grading Report was submitted by Gemological Institute of America.

Look at the clearer picture to see how large it was!!

One word: HUGE!! If only I have one, I can stop working for the rest of my life and living in a high life!! Maybe like Paris Hilton and become a pink lady (*laugh*) Wow!

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