Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stylish Travel

Hello guys, I am back to Malaysia already and started working! Holiday was great but the results of my CLP exams upset me!

Anyway, check out some of my photos from the whole trip first!! The above was taken in Bangkok Airport while in transit and I didn't put much make-up as I was told not to and so I looked seriously pale! I was wearing a casual ralph lauren polo-T which I bought during my HK trip in last April because I had to sleep on it in approximately 11 hours before reaching Zurich, Switzerland!

At the first rest station in the highway we stopped at in our transfer from Zurich airport to Locarno, Switzerland for lunch. It was kinda cold to me so I put on my old BENCH jacket which I bought in UK several years ago! I SAVED money from not buying a new jacket (*winks*)!

We then travelled to Stresa, Italy where we spent a night there. Though it's near Lake Maggiore and it was in the beginning to mid of Autumn, the weather was just nice. So I'd put on a 'Cheer U Up' Giordano skinny fit top, bought from the same HK Trip to match with my Levi's skinny jeans!! Sorry, don't have a full-length photo to show the whole casual look (*sobs*)!

The next day at Stresa, we were off to Nice (do pronouce it as 'niece', it's a French if I'm not wrong), France where we got to see a beautiful beach over there besides the naked ladies in different body shape (fat, thin, slim bla bla bla) and I thought I would get cold, so I had put on a oversized knee-length shirt with a denim legging to match with my old black boots and accessorized it with my favourite pink scarf!! Not finish yet!! I added a trench coat from SISLEY which I bought in parkson, Pavilion during some big time SALES, on my whole look too!!

But it wasn't that cold as expected and I took off my trench coat and scarf in Nice, France! It is always advised to bring along an extra jacket in case the weather gets cold when it's windy.

I dressed up for monte carlo in my knee-length black dress in elbow-length balloon sleeve with the same black boots as it is a place for the rich and famous!! Who knows maybe I could meet some rich and good-looking eurasians right?! haha, hopefully my fiance doesn't read this (*lol*) Oh yeah it's FIANCE now after Nice! wants to know more? Then it's advisable to follow my blog on a periodic basis (*tougue out*).

Then the bus driver took us to Florence and the whether was just nice and not even cold at all, so I decided to put in my light grey tank top in the first layer just to cover my big butt (*lol*) and added another loose white sleeveless top plus my red necklace to achieve a not-so-simple look. Bottom part, skinny jeans will do as I didn't bring my whole wardrobe to Europe! ^_^

As for Eddie, the usual casual outfits always suit him the most! A simple polo-T from his favourite Ralph Lauren store plus some knee-length bottoms and his most comfortable crocs leather-strap slippers!

And so are u aware that he was standing behind me?? That was mainly because he wanted to look thinner in the photographs by using me to block his huge tummy! hahahaha!! Better keep slim for the camera, my dear fiance!! Muacks!!

In Venice, my sporty look in pink scarf and red sports shoes!

Simple casual polo-T with skinny jeans in front of Starbucks inside the Hotel Monopol Luzern, located at Luzern, Switzerland! This was not the hotel we stayed. We just by passed it while walking around in Luzern! The hotel is just next to the train station!

Still at Luzern the next day and wore another layer to keep myself warm as it was cold to me!

At Geneva, dressed up like a tai tai (aka wealthy woman!! how I wish I am then I can have lots of leisure time and money to spend!! and do some investment when I feel like it!! haha but I guess it would make me lazy, maybe half tai tai?? *cunning smile*) because we had to attend a gala dinner!

In front of United Nations office at Geneva in the afternoon where the sun came out, so I took off my trench coat!

Gala Dinner at Medieval town of Gruyeres whereof it is famous with its Gruyeres cheese!

At Interlaken before we went up to Mannlichen, the mountain in the Swiss Alps! Fashion is not encouraged but I still played around with my scarf!

How I wish I can ski in Mannlichen!! or pretend to ski there just to take a couple of looking cool photographs (*tougue out*)!

Somewhere near the gas station in Lauterbrunnen on our way down from Mannlichen!! See, check out my scarf in different ways of putting it!

Different style again by playing with the only purple scarf!

Without scarf because it was sunny in the noon! We were still in Lauterbrunnen!

At Riquewihr, Alsace, France which is near the border of Northern Swiss! I was wearing a black knee-length socks plus my new BALLY shoes which I bought in BALLY outlet at Schonenwerd, Switzerland at the price of CHF 89 (approximately RM 302.60, it's one of the cheapest at the OUTLET already!!),to create a 'boots-look-alike' pair of shoes, as the only boots I brought over to Europe has worn out already!!!

Going home at the Zurich Airport with Eddie's pink luggage! haha. It doesn't belong to me although it's in PINK!! Guess what? He bought his luggage in my fav colour!! So sweet!


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