Sunday, November 22, 2009

3rd Anniversary @ Vintry

I've lost the urge to blog ever since I started my preparation for CLP!

Anyhow I wouldn't abandon this blog. So...let's talk about my celebration of our 3rd Anniversary. We celebrated it at Vintry, Damansara at about 10pm because Eddie was so busy with work and we couldn't have dinner together!! At one point I was really angry but lucky he took me to this wonderful place for supper, my anger only disappeared slowly! ~Phew~

We ordered three musketeers which consists of 3 different types of pork sausages!! Rating: 8.5/10! A must to order.

The mussels with spicy tomato dressing!! Rating: 9/10!! So delicious ok!!

Actually we ordered those starters just to go with our year 2001 California Starmont Merlot red wine from Merryvale!! We ordered this to ensure it tastes good as this was one of the expensive ones!! (*giggles*) Eddie was RM 182 poorer for this bottle!! Lucky we both enjoyed ourselves and finished the whole bottle!! Weren't we good?! (*lol*) Eddie's budget was below RM 300 and this wine, chosen by me certainly met his budget!! haha!

and finally, a picture of us!! This year celebration is better than last year as misunderstanding took place last year and hopefully we can improve on our next coming celebration (*finger crossed*)

Update (19/01/2010 11.33pm):
Our 3rd Anniversary cake bought by hubby on that day itself but we only managed to cut the cake on the 21/09/2009 lol!!

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