Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

Dear readers,

Merry Christmas!! Oops, a late one though!!

Christmas Cupcake and Santa Chocolate from my boss!

Anyway, reasons being not updating so often were because I am quite depressed at my work, my study...things that I haven't achieved at this age!!

I feel that I am so small or maybe I'm just an ordinary person...

Enough said. Anyway, I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY 2010 and remember to write down your new year's resolution and find out ways to achieve it!!! Let's work hard together to have a better 2010!!

Loads of Love!! *Muacks*

Between, do I sound sad?? If yes, I apologise for that. Anyway, I'm gonna show you some pictures taken in this year Christmas celebration!! Gosh, I LOVE Christmas!! Wuahahah~~

Roasted Turkey Drumstick with apple sauce, my dinner in X'mas eve at the Look Out Point, Ampang!!! Hate the apple sauce!! But what is Christmas without Turkey right??!! and that is the only Turkey dish on the menu in the restaurant!! So I was forced to order!! *hehe*

I didn't look good though after a tiring day :(

My hubby and I. Wanted to go Vintry, Jaya 33, which is near my work place (as he picked me up from work) but too bad they changed their menu and I suggested we joined another group of friends at Look Out Point and that was where we went!

Me, drinking Margarita at Muse, Jaya One. Yes, we went back to PJ again!

My hubby and I, in my new dress from my favourite boutique EVE!!! A Christmas surprise from my hubby!! A new dress for me to put on in this festive day!!

On the day of Christmas, my hubby and I went to watch the play named 'Esther' (presented by the Acts Church) and met a friend of mine, Wai Foong at The Summit, USJ!! The picture above was taken her after the play!! hehe...

One the 27/12/09, had lunch at Tony Romas, Mid Valley with my best friend who came back from Singapore!! Miss her so much!!

And some Christmas picture of us girls together after the lunch!

Again, Happy New Year!!! Enjoy your holiday!!! Muackss!

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