Monday, January 18, 2010

Eddie's Birthday Celebration 2009

I miss my hubby!! He will be flying to Gui Lin for 5 days without me very soon!! Anyway gonna post some pictures of his last b'day celebration at Genting International Convention Centre.

Baskin Robbins Chocolate Ice-cream Cake from his boss!

His b'day dropped conjunctively with his company annual gala dinner!

Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe by me!

So we celebrated together! It was such a great night (except I arrived 3 hours later than my planned schedule and it spoilt my mood a little)!! Afterall, everyone had so mcuh fun and it was indeed a joyful night!! Haha~~

A picture of me and hubby and his boss behind.

A group picture with his colleagues!

Anyway, take care hubby and bon voyage! I will miss you~ (*sob sob*)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My X'mas Present 2009

My old laptop is dead!! after more than 5 and a half years!! Part of me is sad because I need to folk out my savings on the new laptop!

Bye, Compaq Presario 2100 (celeron)!

But ironically, another part of me is excited!! because I have a good excuse to buy my long awaited SOFT PINK sony vaio finally!!

See below! Nice right?! It costs RM 3299, you can pay by instalments, so not really a heavy burden! But hey, don't make it a habit, it's a bad habit!! You are not paying anything less, you are still paying for RM 3299!!

Sony Vaio and Logitech optical mouse of RM 45!! I saved money for not buying the RM 258 Sony wireless mouse!! Thank god I made a WISE decision!! and being not so spendthrift!! (*giggle*)

Since I bought this 14-inch Sony Vaio CW Series in early December I'll treat it as my X'mas present in year 2009 for my own!! Actually I had waited 6 months after my old laptop spoilt just for the windows 7 to launch and for some additional gifts to be given away by Sony every December!! But the truth is I didn't get any additional gift (Windows 7 yes, and it is absolutely fantastic) and the saddest part was I should have waited for another one more week because I would have been given a Sony MP3 for free!! (*scream*) Arrrggghh~~

So my dear readers, I am so gonna tell you in both December in year 2008 and year 2009, Sony gave away a lots of free gifts for purchasing laptops!! So if you gonna buy laptop in December in Sony, perhaps you could wait for the promotion on that month!!

Never mind, I am still very happy for owning one feminine soft pink sony vaio laptop!! It's a fashion laptop to myself!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Year & New Year Eve Celebration

Time flies.
I'm older by another year.

cost-saving KL fireworks (view from Jalan Ampang), not fantastic at all!! So disappointed!

It's a brand new year for me!!
I hope I could still stay happy for this year in the view that there is one thing I'm afraid of at this moment but I've told myself that I must be strong millions of times! I should not FEAR!! but BATTLE for a better future, better self-development!

The girls, enjoying the last day of year 2009.

Looking backward in year 2009, I must say that I was really happy! Enjoyed my life with friends and family, studied for exams, worked happily in a previous job and also took a long break in the hectic life...everything was almost perfect...except I failed my exams :(

So yeah I must stay happy, continue to enjoy my time with friends and family especially spending some quality time with my hubby!!

The last day of 2009, my hubby and I were in Royal China Restaurant, Ampang had our delicious, more-expensive-than-usual-meal, chinese cuisine! The above was stewed chicken feet with scallop and small abalone soup!! So yummilicious!! Well, you can't order this dish in the restaurant because the ingredients were brought over by our ownselves!

and we also had one japanese cuinese, everyone's favourite shasimi (raw fish)!! THUMBS UP!!

More scallop in chilli garlic with broccoli!

This one was some fried seafood which I have no idea of the name (*embarrassed*) but I did know that the texture is the same as oyster, mussel and clam! Eddie, what was it??!!

Fried pig hand in curry! If you don't understand the dish, try to translate that in cantonese! hehe...

Some other food that we couldn't finish! Ordered too much already! So that's about 2009!! Say Bye Bye~~Bye Bye Bye Bye!! stolen from Ian.

First Day of 2010, we celebrated Yeen Pei's Birthday at WIP, bangsar shopping centre! We gave Yeen Pei a dark pink nightwear from La Senza! Hope she likes it!

It's from Ian too :P

The girls.

Group pic!

My hubby and I in the very first day of 2010! So that's about it!! Let's face the reality again after too many 3-days-continuous holidays in the past 5 weeks!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!