Friday, January 15, 2010

My X'mas Present 2009

My old laptop is dead!! after more than 5 and a half years!! Part of me is sad because I need to folk out my savings on the new laptop!

Bye, Compaq Presario 2100 (celeron)!

But ironically, another part of me is excited!! because I have a good excuse to buy my long awaited SOFT PINK sony vaio finally!!

See below! Nice right?! It costs RM 3299, you can pay by instalments, so not really a heavy burden! But hey, don't make it a habit, it's a bad habit!! You are not paying anything less, you are still paying for RM 3299!!

Sony Vaio and Logitech optical mouse of RM 45!! I saved money for not buying the RM 258 Sony wireless mouse!! Thank god I made a WISE decision!! and being not so spendthrift!! (*giggle*)

Since I bought this 14-inch Sony Vaio CW Series in early December I'll treat it as my X'mas present in year 2009 for my own!! Actually I had waited 6 months after my old laptop spoilt just for the windows 7 to launch and for some additional gifts to be given away by Sony every December!! But the truth is I didn't get any additional gift (Windows 7 yes, and it is absolutely fantastic) and the saddest part was I should have waited for another one more week because I would have been given a Sony MP3 for free!! (*scream*) Arrrggghh~~

So my dear readers, I am so gonna tell you in both December in year 2008 and year 2009, Sony gave away a lots of free gifts for purchasing laptops!! So if you gonna buy laptop in December in Sony, perhaps you could wait for the promotion on that month!!

Never mind, I am still very happy for owning one feminine soft pink sony vaio laptop!! It's a fashion laptop to myself!!

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