Friday, March 12, 2010

Shopping in Bangkok

Just like Hong Kong, Bangkok is also a Shopping Paradise. Lots of girls warned me to bring more money as you tend to go over your budget in shopping for clothes.

That's all I bought in contrast with others' 50 pieces of tops/bottoms.

But the fact was, I didn't buy a lot.

I perfer quality to quantity. If you want quality clothes, of course please go for international brand (ie MNG or Forever XXI (Saw it at Bangkok) = Forever 21) of which the price is more or less the same as those in Malayisa. However, there are more variety though it is not cheaper.

Bought it in MNG, Central, Sukhumit Road.

But if you like clothes in most of the boutique in KL (ie Cat Whiskers, Poppi) of which the clothes are fashionable but mostly compromise in quality (but they do look nice in picture :P), Bangkok is indeed a shopping paradise to you!!

It's a lot cheaper!! Please visit Platinum Shopping Mall in Bangkok for all these clothes in boutique, it's like half the price of those in Malaysia or even only 1/3 of the price in Malaysia. Well, those price is actually the same in Malaysia if you don't mind waiting for Sales period in Malaysia boutique (ie 50% to 70% sales) :P

All in all, shopping in Bangkok is definately better than shopping in Malaysia because to me, there is more variety.

Oops, I am talking about Clothes. For accessories, it is SOOOooo MUchie cheaper in Bangkok ok!! WOW~~

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