Monday, May 31, 2010

The Escargot

It was Wesak Day, a public holiday finally!! but still I attended classes for 3 hours and finally got to try out the ESCARGOT for the first time at Victoria Station, PJ! after a friend of mine tempted me to eat by telling me how tasteful was the escargot!

The whole restaurant was so empty...

Only two tables were taken...haha...but I LOVE quiet place :D

Cam-whoring by me, obviously!!

Take 2...nah...this was like maybe after 10 times I took, the only nice one I could post here :P

Escargot (RM 15.90) (Snail lar, if you don't get it), is a traditional french dish, often a starter!! The escargot dish was okay to me. The escargot itself was a bit bitter but the garlic sauce was indeed really great!

Me, eating snail for the first time :D

Focusing in eating...hehe

Eddie's favourite dish ie. Chicken Maryland RM 19.90 (I bet it's every kid's favourite too because it is fried chicken :P)

My Fillet 'O' Fish RM 19.90

Our dessert - House Special at RM 9.90, a mixed vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream with assorted fruits and cream on top.

Food was okay. I was happy, considering I finally got to taste Escargot and Eddie finally got some time for me!!

Me (without make up and didn't look ugly :P) at famous road side restaurant in Old Klang Road (for dinner on the same day), serving both Bak Kut Teh and Fish Head!! We spent RM 60++ (for two persons) on the food, just food, no alcohol...and we finished all!! Can you imagine?!! at Road side ok!)

*all photos were taken using Blackberry, the recent in-trend mobile! Eddie's one...where is mine?!! hehe...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tiger Lily Reed Diffuser

My first Reed Diffuser!! Scent: Tiger Lily, the best seller in Memory Land!!

It really smells good! But It's not that cheap though! RM 40 for 200ml that will last for approximately 2 months only in room temperature!

It's fantastic for home scenting!! I always do love the relaxed feeling of all aromatherapy!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Murano Glass

If you ever visit Venice, Italy, you must NOT miss visiting the making of murano glass!! It's free anyway for to view the process of such making because it will induce you to buy their products eventually...something similar to those in China :D I suppose this is an execellent marketing technique, no?

In Venice Island, 2009

This one, Murano Glass Chandelier, spotted in our Hotel Saturnia in Sept 2009. Special!! If I ever have a big big house....I would definately install one chandelier there...not sure whether this is the one or not :P

Another Chandelier spotted in Hard Rock Cafe, Venice 2009. This is nicer, not so colourful like the previous one :P

Too colourful of something doesn't look nice to me!

Colourful building in Burano Island, Venice...Weird huh?? (*plus I looked ugly back then :P*)

Another murano glass making process at Burano Island, Venice I'd seen with my mom in year 2005!! Entrance was free too...same concept (*haha*)

In Venice, you can find Murano Glass everywhere. From souvenir shop where the murano glasses are selling at rather cheap price...

Home Living Murano Glass Decor!! Perfect!!

To some high end retail shop where the Murano Glasses are selling at the price where only rich people can afford!

I love the above Murano Glass! Pretty...I wanna buy it for my big big house if only I have one (*hehe*) Working hard towards it!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sex and The City Movie 2

I can't wait any longer for my all time favourite show - Sex and the City Movie 2!!!

All girls are still sexy and fabulous!!

Love their wardrobe the most!!! All fashionable clothes with high quality plus killer heels and accessories! *Wow* irresisitable!!! Wish I have the money to splurge on these!! hahaha

This time they are visiting Abu Dhabi!! instead of Mexico in the last movie!! Gosh!! love their luxurious trip!! and so not realistic to me...perhaps it would be possible if I'm in 40s or early 50s like them!!

Carrie's wardrobe in her refurbished old apartment!!

See you soon in May!! at GSC Signature for sure!! with my pretty friends!! and I won't forget taking pretty pictures too!!!! Arrrggghhh can't wait!! (*excited*) I wannabe unrealistic!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Sammi Concert 2010 at Genting

I've always wanted to go Sammi Cheng's concert!! and finally, I went! Yes! It was my first official Sammi's concert!

Thanks hubby for taking me to Sammi's Love Mi Concert 2010 at Genting, on the Friday night (19/3/2010)!! Was really really happy despite the fact that we were 45 minutes late for the concert (*maybe I didn't really like it??! lol*) Hubby bought two tickets for RM 90 each this time!

It wasn't a great view from my seat but I really appreciate his efforts!! With all hassles, stresses at work and his own commitments, hubby still fetched me all the way to Genting for Sammi's show!!

Anyway, check out some pictures!

Sammi in red dress with two "big lamps" (It looked to me like one) on her shoulder! Weird design but certainly eye-catching which I think was the intention of the organiser!

Sammi in hip hop style! She is skinny!

Sammi with some unknown rapper (shorter than her somemore *lol*)!! The rapping part wasn't that mesmerising though!!

This was me, without encore in the concert!! The concert was not that great though...just normal one (No impressive dancing, no super good-looking/famous guest singer and Sammi's voice was not as powerful as those in her CD)!! But it was great to had finally 'met' Sammi and also to had watched 1 hour 15 mins Sammi's concert! (Her concert just last 2 hours!!) Diva's concert can never be long and can never have extension of time!! :( So I must be punctual next time!

I'm sure there is next time, in Hong Kong perhaps (*winks!! You know who you are hahaha*)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Birthday 2010

Sorry...I'm uploading pictures for the sake of updating my blog post!! I'm just too buzy to update!! Gosh!!

Let's waste no time!!

My birthday date dropped in the 3rd day of CNY and I celebrated it in Ipoh for the first time!! Reason being I followed my hubby back to his home town in Pantai Remis!

This was the birthday cake Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe, bought by hubby on the actual date of my birthday!

The above was my pre-birthday celebration ie. February babies' birthday celebration at Tiffani I-Zen, Mont Kiara.

Taken by my Canon EOS Camera.

Post-birthday celebration with secondary school friends at Jyu Raku (next to Rakuzen), Subang Jaya.

My presents!! Hubby bought me a DSLR Camera, the Canon EOS 500D and it comes together with tripod & Canon pouch!! I'm totally touched!! (Not like I'd always wanted to buy the DSLR camera, I just suddenly had a thought of having one for my online business and there it Canon EOS 500D!!! My hubby spoilt me, fulfilling my unlimited wants as long as he can afford it) Wow~~ Thanks hubby!! I LOVE YOU...and of course thank you to all my other lovely friends too for buying all the girlie stuff for me :D

P/S: I have yet to receive my Neway B'day Pictures!!