Monday, May 31, 2010

The Escargot

It was Wesak Day, a public holiday finally!! but still I attended classes for 3 hours and finally got to try out the ESCARGOT for the first time at Victoria Station, PJ! after a friend of mine tempted me to eat by telling me how tasteful was the escargot!

The whole restaurant was so empty...

Only two tables were taken...haha...but I LOVE quiet place :D

Cam-whoring by me, obviously!!

Take 2...nah...this was like maybe after 10 times I took, the only nice one I could post here :P

Escargot (RM 15.90) (Snail lar, if you don't get it), is a traditional french dish, often a starter!! The escargot dish was okay to me. The escargot itself was a bit bitter but the garlic sauce was indeed really great!

Me, eating snail for the first time :D

Focusing in eating...hehe

Eddie's favourite dish ie. Chicken Maryland RM 19.90 (I bet it's every kid's favourite too because it is fried chicken :P)

My Fillet 'O' Fish RM 19.90

Our dessert - House Special at RM 9.90, a mixed vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream with assorted fruits and cream on top.

Food was okay. I was happy, considering I finally got to taste Escargot and Eddie finally got some time for me!!

Me (without make up and didn't look ugly :P) at famous road side restaurant in Old Klang Road (for dinner on the same day), serving both Bak Kut Teh and Fish Head!! We spent RM 60++ (for two persons) on the food, just food, no alcohol...and we finished all!! Can you imagine?!! at Road side ok!)

*all photos were taken using Blackberry, the recent in-trend mobile! Eddie's one...where is mine?!! hehe...

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