Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Murano Glass

If you ever visit Venice, Italy, you must NOT miss visiting the making of murano glass!! It's free anyway for to view the process of such making because it will induce you to buy their products eventually...something similar to those in China :D I suppose this is an execellent marketing technique, no?

In Venice Island, 2009

This one, Murano Glass Chandelier, spotted in our Hotel Saturnia in Sept 2009. Special!! If I ever have a big big house....I would definately install one chandelier there...not sure whether this is the one or not :P

Another Chandelier spotted in Hard Rock Cafe, Venice 2009. This is nicer, not so colourful like the previous one :P

Too colourful of something doesn't look nice to me!

Colourful building in Burano Island, Venice...Weird huh?? (*plus I looked ugly back then :P*)

Another murano glass making process at Burano Island, Venice I'd seen with my mom in year 2005!! Entrance was free too...same concept (*haha*)

In Venice, you can find Murano Glass everywhere. From souvenir shop where the murano glasses are selling at rather cheap price...

Home Living Murano Glass Decor!! Perfect!!

To some high end retail shop where the Murano Glasses are selling at the price where only rich people can afford!

I love the above Murano Glass! Pretty...I wanna buy it for my big big house if only I have one (*hehe*) Working hard towards it!!!

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