Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Birthday 2010

Sorry...I'm uploading pictures for the sake of updating my blog post!! I'm just too buzy to update!! Gosh!!

Let's waste no time!!

My birthday date dropped in the 3rd day of CNY and I celebrated it in Ipoh for the first time!! Reason being I followed my hubby back to his home town in Pantai Remis!

This was the birthday cake Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe, bought by hubby on the actual date of my birthday!

The above was my pre-birthday celebration ie. February babies' birthday celebration at Tiffani I-Zen, Mont Kiara.

Taken by my Canon EOS Camera.

Post-birthday celebration with secondary school friends at Jyu Raku (next to Rakuzen), Subang Jaya.

My presents!! Hubby bought me a DSLR Camera, the Canon EOS 500D and it comes together with tripod & Canon pouch!! I'm totally touched!! (Not like I'd always wanted to buy the DSLR camera, I just suddenly had a thought of having one for my online business and there it Canon EOS 500D!!! My hubby spoilt me, fulfilling my unlimited wants as long as he can afford it) Wow~~ Thanks hubby!! I LOVE YOU...and of course thank you to all my other lovely friends too for buying all the girlie stuff for me :D

P/S: I have yet to receive my Neway B'day Pictures!!

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