Monday, May 03, 2010

Sammi Concert 2010 at Genting

I've always wanted to go Sammi Cheng's concert!! and finally, I went! Yes! It was my first official Sammi's concert!

Thanks hubby for taking me to Sammi's Love Mi Concert 2010 at Genting, on the Friday night (19/3/2010)!! Was really really happy despite the fact that we were 45 minutes late for the concert (*maybe I didn't really like it??! lol*) Hubby bought two tickets for RM 90 each this time!

It wasn't a great view from my seat but I really appreciate his efforts!! With all hassles, stresses at work and his own commitments, hubby still fetched me all the way to Genting for Sammi's show!!

Anyway, check out some pictures!

Sammi in red dress with two "big lamps" (It looked to me like one) on her shoulder! Weird design but certainly eye-catching which I think was the intention of the organiser!

Sammi in hip hop style! She is skinny!

Sammi with some unknown rapper (shorter than her somemore *lol*)!! The rapping part wasn't that mesmerising though!!

This was me, without encore in the concert!! The concert was not that great though...just normal one (No impressive dancing, no super good-looking/famous guest singer and Sammi's voice was not as powerful as those in her CD)!! But it was great to had finally 'met' Sammi and also to had watched 1 hour 15 mins Sammi's concert! (Her concert just last 2 hours!!) Diva's concert can never be long and can never have extension of time!! :( So I must be punctual next time!

I'm sure there is next time, in Hong Kong perhaps (*winks!! You know who you are hahaha*)

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