Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sex and The City Movie 2

I can't wait any longer for my all time favourite show - Sex and the City Movie 2!!!

All girls are still sexy and fabulous!!

Love their wardrobe the most!!! All fashionable clothes with high quality plus killer heels and accessories! *Wow* irresisitable!!! Wish I have the money to splurge on these!! hahaha

This time they are visiting Abu Dhabi!! instead of Mexico in the last movie!! Gosh!! love their luxurious trip!! and so not realistic to me...perhaps it would be possible if I'm in 40s or early 50s like them!!

Carrie's wardrobe in her refurbished old apartment!!

See you soon in May!! at GSC Signature for sure!! with my pretty friends!! and I won't forget taking pretty pictures too!!!! Arrrggghhh can't wait!! (*excited*) I wannabe unrealistic!!!

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