Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sex and The City Movie 2

Sex and the City 2 is around the corner!! Movie Premiere will be showing on 17th June 2010 in Malaysia!!

That's the reason I'm in the mode of dressing up currently!!

Check out my outfit above!!

-I didn't set my hair (because it was after work)
-Day make-up (because it was after work, no time to redo my night make-up)
-My Amethyst (don't know what is this?? Check out the chart at right at the bottom of this post) Swarovski Stone necklace (bought in year 2005, 48 pounds if not mistaken - and I got it at half the price!!)
-My Key Ng pink floral cotton summer dress at RM 49!!! Good Bargain - bought it recently at Isetan Gardens)
-My Forever 21 PVC big belt at RM 49
-My Coach in Bonnie pink pouch, bought in Hong Kong at approximately RM 750 if not mistaken
-My DKNY watch
-My Charles & Keith latest trend in fashion half-heels half-boots shoes, bought it recently at RM 139.90

Will try to post more pictures of this type next time since I'm addicted to Mall World recently too!! An online fashion game in facebook where you can dress up the girls...

Yes, Amethyst, the birthstone colour for February! My birthstone colour!! :P

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