Monday, July 26, 2010

Fine Thai Cuisine at Rama V

Check out some pictures taken from Rama V, the fine Thai cuisine. Initially Eddie and I wanted to go to Bangles for Indian Cuisine but we could not find it in Jalan Ampang so ended up in this Thai restaurant nearby Jalan Ampang.

Thai cuisine has always been our favourite!

The main entrance of the restaurant.

The waiting area.

Thai interior design.

Dining area.

so spacious and comfy too...the environment is indeed perfect!

Table setting and they serve Evian at RM 12 for 500 ml if you order water.

Thai hot tea at RM 12 per pot.

Making my tea.

The waitress was serving rice for Eddie (RM 5 per head).

Pandan Chicken (4 pieces) at RM 25. Rating: 6/10. The chicken is really big, compared to other restaurant.

Kang Kong Belacan at RM 18. Taste a bit sweet. Rating: 6/10.

Tom Yam Prawn at RM 16 per bowl for a person (3 prawns only in a bowl). Quite expensive though it was nice but again taste a bit sweet. Rating: 6.5/10.

There is a nice walking path outside the dining area too.

Eddie and I.

Things you must know: If you are a citibank credit card holder, you are entitled to 30% discount on the food!! and that makes the price reasonable :D (Approximately RM 50 per person)

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