Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hari Raya Holiday 2010

Last Friday was Hari Raya, meaning to say I have an additional day off from work plus the weekends I have three days off in total. I was very happy because Eddie finally had sometime for me after ‘so many years’. He slept until 11.30am until I woke him up on Friday (reason being, according to him he slept at 5.30am the night before). 40 minutes later, he still didn’t reach my house and so I went out for dim sum with my parents and he joined us later.

After the brunch, we went back my place, dressed up before we headed to Pavilion (Eddie suggested to go there because he knew I love Pavilion and not because the traffic would not be jammed on Public Holiday). Then we walked, bumped into my friend, Jenny at Carven Sense, Parkson. Then later, we went to eat again at Grandmama's.

Both of us ordered Shang Har Mee and Asam Laksa!

Asam Laksa at RM 12

Eddie, getting started to eat.

My Shang Har Mee at RM 32

Both also nice! Then went to watch Resident Evil: After Life at Gold Class, GSC for the first time!!

'Happy happy!!'

Seats so comfy!! with blanket some more!! Can sleep comfortably in the cinema!! Then I shopped for a purse for mom at Tangs!

At night, we went for Dim Sum again at Kuchai Lama!! Yum yum...very delicious!! (*happy happy again*)

The next day woke up at 6.45am, thought of going breakfast with Eddie's father but we were late for 15 minutes, so ended up both of us eat Dumpling Noodle alone!! Then went home watched TV before we went to Damansara Perdana for meeting (he went for meeting, not me) and me went to Caroline's place to try her evening gown! Then, we went DAP restaurant at SS2 for lunch (food so so only) before we went to Kuchai Industrial Park to meet Eddie's business partner! (yaya...this post is kinda boring, but I want to continue because I was very happy in these 3 days because Eddie was all by my side!! hahahaha) Then we headed home to dress up a bit (spent half an hour on my hair and half an hour on my make-up) and off we headed to Cafe Cafe, Jalan Maharajalela for dinner to meet my darling girl friends!!! Surprisingly I was the first one to reach!! Yeah!!

Let's check out my pictures!!

All of us with our our special chef of the day - I think it's raspberry plus watermelon juice!! Not so sure though! It's from Gourmet II (RM 99 Menu) - It tastes great!

Baked escargot with butter and parsley! (Gourmet II) - The sauce is not bad!!

Soup of the Day - Mushroom Soup! So so only!

Pan Fried Tiger Prawns with Aioli (garlic with olive oil sauce - nice sauce!!) - with mash pumpkins and some vege too - This dish tasted normal only! (from Gourmet II)

Penne with Bacon and Mushroom in Cream Sauce (RM 29) - Ala Carte

Lamb Shank (Gourmet II)

French Cheese!

Lemon Sorbet! very sour!! I love it!! hehe

Chocolate Tart (Gourmet II) - taste normal.

Lemon Tart (Gourmet II) - very sour!

Fines De Claire Or Truffled Honey King Prawns (Michelin 139) - ordered by the birthday girl but ended up eaten by me because the waitor just dumped everything on the table and everyone thought it was the Tiger Prawns from Gourmet II :( They never serve the food in front of the person who ordered it!! I mean they should because the whole set costs RM 139 excluding tax you know!! What a bad service!!! That's all I can say!! Sigh!

Rocket Salad (Michelin 139) - not bad!

Duck Confit (Michelin 139) - not bad also!!

Tiramisu (Michelin 139) - very nice for me!! Very heavy liquer but I like!!

Marlborough Pinot Nior 2008! Very light! Not hard to drink! I like!!! - that's all I can describe now :D

Eddie and I.

Tracy's birthday ice-cream with chocolate mousse.

The girls.

The ambience of the restaurant is wonderful and you are actually paying for the environment not for the food!! I would still come here if only money is not a problem!! haha

ok...continue my story...then later we went to Alive, Sunway Pyramid for a while before we went back.

The next day morning, we went for Bak Kut Teh at Klang with his parents. Then came back and slept again. Then went to OUG Plaza, shopped for DVD and had a late lunch at Esquire Kitchen!!

What a great holiday for me!! with hubby all by my side for 3 days!! Hubby is RM 630 poorer in these 3 days (excluding petrol and shopping)!! Pity Him!! haha...and also nowdays food and entertainment are so expensive!! Check out the price list:-

RM 50 (Grandmama's)
RM 100 (Gold class)
RM 60 (Dim Sum)
RM 20 (Morning breakfast at Coffee House, OUG)
RM 20 (DAP restaurant)
RM 280 (Cafe Cafe)
RM 40 (Damansara Utama Station 1)
RM 60 (Esquire Kitchen)
Breakfast/Brunch with dad-- all free!! hehe

Scary right?? Simple food also costs so much!! How can we not work hard!!!?? Opps...I saw my boss' face!! scary!! I'm not gonna work there for long!! As a matter of fact, I think I have done my best at work already and I have stayed there for almost a year...am still working there you know!!! Hopefully I pass my CLP!! Pray for me!! Then I will...pursue my goal?!

ok enough said!! Bye Bye!! Goodnight!

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