Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi Friends Merry Christmas!

Hello my darling friends out there!! Sorry for MIA for a while!! Haven't been blogging since my results were out!! Didn't really celebrate though just did lots of shopping!!

Anyway, just a quick update!! I signed up for a gym and I lost my make-up pouch including my body shop blusher brush hubby bought for me, in the ladies' changing room!!! I was so so upset ok!! I mean how on earth would a lady took someone else make-up pouch!! Gosh!! Well, I then decided to buy the whole set which I did and it costed me more than RM 300 (bearing in mind I only bought lots of Elianto, no branded stuff).

And the best part was I bought a Cyber Color Foundation from the latest Gemstone series at RM 89.90 and paid another RM 10 for a course and see what I have got!!

The blush, eyeshadow, lipstick from Cyber Color Gemstone series! and the make-up base and mascara from Cyber Color!!

Fantastic!! I received all these Gemstone make-up series FOC! Lucky me hahaha!! FYI, Cyber Color Gemstone series is wonderful! It gives you the latest shiny look!! Gosh it is so nice!! Actually that's the only reason why I bought the foundation in the first place!! Girls go grab it!!!

Lovely Winter Wonderland decor from PJ Hilton 2010 -taken by my Iphone 4 HDR function!! nice huh?!!

Ok...not forgeting Merry Christmas everyone!! I always love Christmas!! I wish one day I can travel to wherever I want for Christmas holiday!! Christmas has always been and will always be the best festive season for me!!

Christmas Gift Exchange with my colleagues and my bear on top (Hubby gave) for a better shot! lol

My Christmas pressie for myself!!! Winter Rose Body Scrub from L'Occitane!! hahaha...I always have excuse for shopping!! I tell you that scrub is fantastic also!! It gives you a smoother skin and it smells so so nice!! I love it!!

Anyway Merry Christmas again and a happy new year!! :D HOhoho!!

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