Monday, February 28, 2011

Pre-birthday Celebration at Passage Thru India (Jalan Tun Razak)


This year birthday celebration, we went for Northern Indian Cuisine at Passage Thru India!! suggested by Joanne, but she couldn't make it at the end, so left only 3 girls...without our partners!


The walkway ('passage') leading us to the restaurant ('India').

Indian style design.

Lots of Taiwanese visitors. Apparently the restaurant has some contacts with the tour agency!

Water in stainless steel cup!

Ordered 4 dishes.

The signature dish! Forgot the there are only 3 big prawns and 1 small prawn in it and it costs around RM 48!! super expensive but also super nice!! Yummy!!

Lamb...not bad also!

Chicken tikka is also nice!

The garlic naan! Must order!

One of my fav vege! Ladies Finger in curry again...nice!

Biryani rice... nice!! The total cost of this meal I have no idea because it's my darling girl friends' treat! It's roughly about RM 50 per head!!

Well also please take note I maybe biased in the review because I like curry and I like Northern Indian Food :D

Some pictures of us before we say goodbye :P

Bye bye.

So I am quite adventurous, don't always take me to the Chinese ok (*winkz*)

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