Friday, May 06, 2011

Eat Work Love

Hey...just simply put the title of this post...was inspired by the movie 'Eat Pray Love' except I am not a!!

So I have changed my job, working in a small law firm, no glamour but with nice bosses generally. Although you know boss is boss, work is work...and how I wish I am capable to have my own firm, doing things the way I want it to be :D so peeps out there!! Work hard for a better future!

Enough said.

Oh ya...during hard time, just sing the song 'I Am Woman' from the movie 'Sex and the City'.

"...Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman..."
(music on...oh so cool) sorry shock sendiri lol

Me and my lilies given by hubby, although I like pink roses and my hubby protested saying lilies are more I guess expensive things are always better :P

My b'day gift from my hubby and bestie!

My big breakfast from Dome, The Curve!! after waiting for months for my hubby to take me there!! He said going Dome is different from our normal favourite breakfast like Chilli Pan Mee, Meatball Noodle in the coffee house...must wake up early 1 and dress up a troublesome la him haha

Minestrone soup...yum yum

and he ordered Spagetti Carbonara with mussle...because he said the menu doesn't show varieties of food!! Jesus!! Super chinaman...who again I think if I were to confront him, he will protest saying chinese food is the most expensive food among all different types of cuisine because the buddha jump over the wall or stewed bird nest in coconut can go up to few thousands...what say you?? lol

But he ordered Earl Grey tea...I want to least half chinaman

And my coffee but without my name on

kinda like this pic because I look not bad...haha

My Convo! (*Peace*) hahaha

Steak from San Francisco!! Hubby cannot eat because it's beef lol couldn't help it I'm kinda big fan for beef :P

Oh my biotherm skin care...sample given by the counter girl!! and My immortelle eye balm from my favourite shop L' lifesaver! Congrats hubby on your success and thank you very much for 'saving my life' lol

Love this because I look GOOD not even a single touch of make-up and no CONCEALER at all gosh...not like every time I can have that much time for my beauty sleep (because I am naughty don't wanna sleep early hahaha not like I am hardworking lol) and also thank you to my lady boss for giving me the Laneige Sleeping Mask!! so sweet of her!!! She is so kind!! Such a nice person!

And I have just won the Nu You Bride/ Marie France contest and awarded a free Goldluxe Body Therapy!! Woohoo~~

And also won the Female Bride/ Marie France Contest with the same Goldluxe Body Therapy so the thing now is...

"Do I have the time to pamper myself??? I wonder!!"

Latte from Zouk Cafe.

Hot Chocolate from Zouk Cafe at night while watching football with you-know-who, so healthy, no Hoegarden no Starker... hubby paid for the heels...from Lewre!! My favourite also...not that I want to buy it but my heels worn out! I had to walk to Isetan, The Gardens in barefoot to buy a new embarrassing!! Lucky no one really notice :P

At Ciao Risorante, near Kampung Pandan so so only! but with superb ambience!!

The girls!! Celebrating Jo's B'day and also farewell party to her before she leaving to Norway for work...for about 3 sexy blue off-shoulder dress from Spotlight Warehouse!! Am loving it so so much!!

k..wanna sleep...Have a nice weekends :D