Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shopping at Coach in US

Hi Hi So I'm back from the States!! The trip was fantastic except one hubby's foot was injured terribly he could barely walk...sob sob...

Never mind....back to the trip!

Cute cute hubby in front of Fashion Outlets!

We went to Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, and visited the most important shop!! COACH!!

Check out some pictures here...

This is crazy!!

Like Pasar Malam or happy hour at Jusco Members' Day!!


And of course I joined the crowd too haha...but I only bought a few...checked out the auntie besides god! Wasn't she holding about 10 big bags already...what was she still looking at??...haha

ok...gonna stop here, flying again to Phuket tomorrow!! I have catched  up a lot of overseas trip this compensate my sacrifice last year in 2010! Work study work study! Thank god I passed my CLP! hahaha


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