Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pure Bad Luck in the Beginning of Year 2012

so my tyre punctured!! But luckily I had some super kind policeman to help me out!! God blessed!! haha

but bad things didn't stop from there...2 days later I met a car accident, I banged the car in front of me! Paid summons, sent car to repair and I was still in trauma in the whole morning till afternoon...
And later after I sort of recovered, I discovered my bags in my car were stolen, my 3 red dresses (I wore for my friend's fetching the bride session and the banquet) were stolen!!! It was like the end of the day...I was super upset. Tyre punctured, car was knocked...I could still be fine until my beautiful dresses were stolen, I was not okay anymore!! OMG

My Forever 21 silky flora dress was gone...

My Dorothy Perkin satin halter neck knee-length dress were gone too...and the girl (furthest right) standing next to me, the dress she was wearing was gone too...sob sob :( on top of that my make up pouch with my brand new gemstone blusher was gone!! My couch sunglasses were stolen also, and lingerie....I cried like nobody's business!!

Then bad things didn't stop from there...I went home to wash my clothes just to calm myself and tumble dried my white dress next to a wet pink scarf. The next day I realised my white dress was stained in pink. OMG....I was so so upset...

Like this....for the whole weekends.....Luckily my hubby bought a new top and some lingerie to cheer me up!! haha

Anyway, please please Chinese New Year is coming!!! I want LuCK, LUck and more lUcK!!! Pray for me!!

Happy CNY everyone!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! (cos CNY is around the corner!!!)

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